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Saturn Will become Retrograde From Today[26-01-11] 11.40 AM.[IST]

                    Saturn Will become Retrograde From Today  11.40 AM.[IST] .

                 When Saturn Retro in Virgo business goes Bullish.All the markets shows Rising Trends in Variant Degrees.The state Heads face trouble from the dissidents and infighting in the political parties.The public feel insecured.All the markets remain unsteady.

Before Going to Discussion on Retrogression, I want to present some interesting Facts to you.
Please read these with patience.
I told on 24-01-11 at my FB page
"You will find in your Personal and Also in mundane[National/International] matters...If you observe You will find CHANGES from today onwards "
1. Moscow, Jan 25 (PTI) A ''black widow'' linked to Russia ''srestive Northern Caucasus region could be behind the Deadly Suicide Attack at Moscow''s international airport and police were on the look out for four men who sneaked in with explosives.
Explosion killed 35 people, including two Britons, a German and a Bulgarian, and injured 178 others at the Domodedovo International Airport.

2.Pandit Bhimsen Joshi left the company of ordinary mortals yesterday. A tribute to the greatest musical genius of our times He had been sick. ...[Times of India]

I also Wrote Thursday, December 30, 2010 at
"Venus will enter[Nirayana System] Scorpio on 1st January 2011 at 4.45 IST on #16 Nakshtra[star]
Plane Crash,Troubles in Education Institutes,Rail Accidents,Land Problems,Sea-Accidents,Water Related Accidents,and Ship-Accidents May Occur.
You Will Find  new degree [Either Very Positive or Very Negative] related to Brothers,Sisters,Spouses 's Relation.
Related To Govt of India , Sorrow is Waiting from Opposition for the Govt."


1."The death toll from Brazil's flooding and mudslides is more than 800.Authorities say the number of bodies counted has reached 806 in the mountainous Serrana region, where days of heavy rains unleashed flash flooding and rivers of mud. The floods leveled houses, dislodged cars, and left thousands of people homeless in the area north of the city of Rio de Janeiro." [From Voice of America ® A Trusted Source of News & Information since 1942]
2.Australia flood death toll rises Rising flood waters start to engulf roads in the Victorian town of Horsham, 17 January 2011.Police in Australia’s Queensland state confirmed Tuesday that remains found were human, bringing the total number of people killed by this month’s flash flooding to 22.Nine people are still listed as missing after flash floods swept through the Lockyer Valley on 10 January, sweeping away homes, cars and trees.[ By RFI]
3.On 9 January 2011; Iran Air 727-200; Flight 277; Urmia, Iran: The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight from Tehran to Urmia, Iran when it crashed near the destination airport. All 12 crew members and 65 of the 93 passengers were killed. [From]

I Published The Article On Monday, January 3, 2011            


Some Facts I am Giving:

1.Cotton prices hit record high level.International prices also hit of record high  [ From Daily Times ]
2.Cost of UK wheat rises to record high.[From Financial Times]
3.After onions, it’s now tomatoes that are making the consumers cry. In one day alone, the prices have shot up by nearly Rs 10-15 and seem unlikely to drop anytime soon.Double in 10days.
4.You can  check the CARROTS prices also.Price of it is now cause of Worry for many people. I am quoting from ""  “In December and January, customers ask for "gajar ka halwa"[Special Sweet Dish of CARROT]. The demand is the most in these two months. But because of the rise in price , the demand has dropped. We've increased the rates, which has had a negative impact on the sale of this sweet.” 

 Something about Retrogression
                 A planet that is retrograde means that the planet was making an apparent backward motion at the time of birth. If a planet was retrograde at the time of birth, then that planet is notated in the natal horoscope with an R [Vakree] .
                Planets never move backwards, hence the term apparent.From an earth view, a planet only appears to move backwards for a given length of time.

                The energy of a retrograde planet is expressed more on an inner level .
Sometimes the native has difficulty to express the energy .Retrograde planets often give chance  to stop and rethink  the consequences,
so that spontaneous expression is stopped.
At other times, the outward behavior becomes exaggerated in an attempt to reconcile the inner doubts.
                  From karmic Law, retrograde planets in  natal chart can indicate internal struggle regarding an desired goal .
                   Saturn (Shani) entered in Virgo sign on September 9-10, 2009 and will remain there until 15th November 2011.Later, it will move towards Libra. 

                 Saturn is in the outermost Orbit of Earth amongst the three superiors.
                  The origin of word Shani comes from the following: "Shanaye Kramati Sa": i.e. the one who moves slowly.  It takes roughly 30 years to revolve around the Sun and spends two and a half years in each of the 12 zodiac signs.
                  Shani Dev is regarded as a planet of shadows which rules over the dark side of human nature, such as the conscience (awareness of right and wrong).
                 Shani Dev is regarded a God who does the twin jobs – a giver as well as destroyer. A person who sincerely prays to Shani, is blessed and all his problems and worries are solved, can live a life that one desires. If Shani bestows a person, he can achieve everything he wants. 

                But a person is completely ruined if Shani (Saturn) gets angry. It is also the most malefic planet, causes momentous variations as it moves on from one sign to another.
               Retrograde  Saturn in Natal Chart : These people nearly always grave doubts about their worthiness .
Can be very childish  in their behavior and full of fear  of taking chances.
This is an ego supresssing  situation.There is usually a subconscious fear of non-acceptance and of loss.
Their limitations and duties are self-imposed.

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