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This time Something On My Prediction which already given on facebook

This time Something On My Prediction which already given on facebook


On 23 rd night I predicted on my WAll(U Check) "On 24 th Aug Venus will be on

Citra at 12.17 night (IST)

On 26 th Aug Mars will be on Citra at 9.5 pm(IST).

Just observe the matters surrounding you!Careful also .

Regarding Mundane Matters …May be Plane Crash,Ship Accidents,Destructions by

Bombing,Fire by anti-piece persons/Terriosts,Trouble t...o Leaders etc may occur"

Then I commented on 24th ..Have u seen in the paper Manila Massacre?Today's News

Paper....All these due to this ..."





Have You Seen Tv-Channels News?


Jet Airways passengers Sampede?

Pak-Terror Attack?

All are predicted on 23 rd itself.

Check it.

More Predictions:


On 31 st Aug 6.58AM(IST)


Saturn(Sani) will Come at Hasta(Corvi)Nakshtra[Nirayana system] At Kanya(Virgo).

Obstacles and Difficulties for the management and Company Affair May Occur.

The general environments gets debased and spoiled.

Producty sufferes.Scaricity of essential items is greatly felt.

It depress the value of landand properties,adversly effect Real Estate business.

Be cautious on Sudden Flood,Cyclone etc,Volcanic Eruption,land-slide,Problems in Schools,colleges and

other educational institutions,Labour Problems,Opposition to the Govt,

Earth quake,Forest Fire,Mine Diaster.

You people ,those who have heart/Respiratory related problem be Very Very Alert.

My Wise Suggestion is to Keep Your Doctor's phone No nearest to your HAND.

On 1st Sept at 12.01PM (IST)


Venus is coming to Libra(Tula) at Citra(Spica), Will stay there upto Jan 1st


On 5th sept at 3.5 AM(IST)


Mars is coming At Libra on Citra will stay there upto 19th Oct 2011.

Again Mars- Venus Connection at Libra.... !You have learned, What may happen

during these period.

Lot of Fluctions You will Find in Stock Market also.

You Might Feel some changes surroundings from today itself.....

Love You All.....

Now some Comments


Indranil u r simply too good. The dedication and honestly with which your pursue

your goals is really fantastic. great fan of yours.... Manoj BKP

Thank you so much for sharing such and interesting information about astrology

that if we good with one then it will good with others too,and if we hurt anyone

then it will hurt us back ..... on Astrology ,A New Dimension

By Anonymous

Thanks for sharing that ... interesting analogy... yes, a positive attitude at

the end of the day does take one far further than a non-positive one! ...on

Astrology ,A New Dimension

So remedy also means to change our attitude.If we change our attitude ,

corresponding house’s power will also increase no doubt about on it~ completely

agree with this statement, makes sense ...on Astrology ,A New Dimension

By Priyanka

Monday, August 23, 2010

Result of The Sun's Transit In Leo And about Sani - Sade Sati Good or Bad?

Result of The Sun's Transit In Leo And about Sani - Sade Sati Good or Bad?

             Though The Sun Enters into Leo (Sidereal System [Nirayana System ] on 17th Aug 2010 )in transit , I was not able to inform you the result at that time ,through my Blog as I post new Article on the Blog only on Monday’s .

             I think from 17 th Aug. You observe some changes in your day to day life.Why?? It is due to Sun’s transit.

            Though my Foreign Friends Follow “Sayana System” , according to that System , The Sun now Already in Leo.

              According to Sayana System The Sun will enter in Kanya on 23rd Aug.

              On 20th Aug also Mercury became Retro. So observe changes on your Communication, Mind and Speech.To know detail Read

The Sun at your

Birth Sign i.e.1st:Loss of place

2nd: Fear


4th Losss Of Respect

5th Poverty

6th Win Over Enemy

7th Loss Of Money

8th Ilness

9th :Loss Of Aesthtic

10Th: Gain Of Work

11Th: Gain Of Wealth

12th Loss Of Wealth And Great Danger

What is Sani Sade Sati?

Sade Sati

Sade-Sati is the 7½ years long period of Saturn

This astrological phase is much feared by Indian Astrologers.

According to those beliefs, this is a period with many challenges.

The period of Sade-sati starts when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the zodiac sign of Moon at the time of the birth of the native. That is, if the Moon sign at the time of birth of the native was Capricorn then the Sadesati will begin when Saturn enters sign Sagittarius.

The Sadesati will continue while Saturn transits over this sign and the next two signs, i.e. the birth sign and the sign after it.

Saturn spends around 2½ years in each sign. To cross these three signs it takes about 7½ years.

Thus the name “Sadesati” which literally means Seven and a half.

Some Astrologers said this is a problemetic time for the native who is going through it. There may be a lot of challenges in the native’s life, and he may face accidents, sudden failures, money problems and health problems. However, Some Astrologers said that though the sadesati period is challenging, it is not as damaging as many astrologers claim, and that many people actually achieve a lot of success during the period of Sadesati.

The result of Sadesati is supposed to be felt differently by people of different moon signs.

It is said that people of Moon sign Aquarius do not have any bad effects from Sadesati, while people of Moon sign Leo feel the most impact.

Certain remedies and mantras that can be recited to please the lord Saturn and limit the effect of Saturn's Sadesati.

Another astrological transit of Saturn is the Dhaiyya (2.5 years (Small Trouble), and Kantakshani, or Ashtamshani. This transit of Saturn occurs when the Saturn is transiting through the 4th sign from the birth Moon, or from the 8th sign from the birth moon sign .Vedic astrology says that these two are troubled periods, though not as much as the Sade-sati.

What is Sani Maha-Dasa? Whether and Sade Sati can occur concurrently or not?

Sani Maha Dasa


If at the time of birth Moon situated number 8(Cancri..Indian name :Pusya), number 17 (Scropii Indian name :Anuradha), number 26(Pegasi Indian name:Uttar Bhadra Pada) Nakshtra then Sani Maha Dasa will start.

This may Coinside with Sade-sati at birth if Sat is also “just before The Birth sign”/at that Birth sign /After The Birth Sign where moon is posited on 8,17,26 nakshtra.

Or later part also , when the native’s Sani Maha Dasa will come accordingly the sequence , at that time if Sat has been posited before/at/after the birth sign Sade-sati will start .

How you understand Sat is doing Bad effect on you:

1.If you are suffering a long standing disease.

2.Sudden Accident

3.Sudden your house has broken.

4.Sudden Fire on Cloth/house/Room


6.Obstacle in each work

7.Fear of Death

Remedy of Saturn:

1.Every day Donate Mustered Oil. At least for 43 days.

2.Help Paralysed persons at least for consequitive 8 Saturdays.

3.Flow a Dry Nariyel in the river at day time.At least for8 Saturdays.

12 7 15

13 11 9

8 15 10

The above Jantram(Yantram) Should be written on Saturday on Bhurja Patra by AustaGandha .Or engrave on Steel and wear on the Middle finger after Sodhana(Pure touching it to the Feet of God ..Specially Dakshina Kali)

Should wear on Saturday which is connected with Sravana Nakshatra or on the Hora of Saturn (Within 2 hours From Sun rise on Sat)
Om Sam Sanischarai Namoh
Japa at least 80 times every day .


Om Sai Namoh Jay Sai Ram

Om Namoh Sivaya
Om Jay Ramakrishna

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mercury Will Retrograde Tomorrow [ 10 th Oct 2010]

Mercury Will  Retrograde Tomorrow [ 10 th  Oct 2010]  

This was Published in My Blog When Mercury Became Retro on 20th Aug 2010.
This Time With  Full colourful Picture.

Are you normally hesitant or afraid to speak out? Do you find yourself very concerned with how others will take your words or what will happen if you speak your mind? You few, may tend to get a kind of vacation from or improvements in both your usual internal and external dialogue.

To know more Read my previous article

Effects of Mercury

Astrologically Mercury is seen as THE MIND, the giver of wisdom and our progression from the purely instinctive realm of the animal kingdom by the use of the INTELLECT.

It is ideas, methods, information, progressing through experimentation and invention. The transmitter of the spiritual to the material. 

Mercury associates with children before puberty and through this connects with tricks and jokes, youthfulness and light-heartedness. It rules all forms of communication, for example telephone calls, letters, speech. This planet is mobile and intellectual; it rules the sciences, curiosity, manner of thought and travel. It is also associated with merchants, commerce and mental pursuits. 

Wheeling and dealing would fall under Mercury's rule as would lying and cheating.

It represents the power of communication (even the Internet), interpretation and self-expression, intelligence and reason. Its action is to quicken and enliven whilst adding mobility and fluidity. The symbol illustrates receptivity resulting from the exaltation of spirit over matter.

How Mercury will manifest its energy, the indicator of your intellectual and inventive abilities, depends on the horoscope as a whole. The Sign (and its Element), the House in which if falls, and the Aspects to the other planets will all have a bearing on any interpretation.

The House Mercury is in shows the particular area in which our mental talents are put to practical use. This is the area in which we realise our need to make contact and increase our learning.

It is connected with contacts to siblings, friends and people at school. 
Mercury represents our thoughts and the constant activity that goes on in our heads. 
It is connected to the nervous system and physical co-ordination.

The Sign Mercury lies in shows how we communicate and the psychological areas in which our mental talents lie. Mercury is the fastest of all planets and cleaves to the Sun, either being in the same Sign as the Sun or one of the Signs on either side of the Sun.

Aspects to Mercury show mental talents and communication styles in a very specific way. They indicate our individual interests and abilities


Mercury is the planet nearest the sun, its dayside temperature hits 430°C but its nightside temperature falls to -180°C which is amazing considering how near to the sun it is.

Mercury is in many ways similar to the Moon: its surface is heavily cratered and very old. On the other hand, Mercury is much more dense than the Moon being the second most dense major body in the solar system, after Earth.

Day length (rotation) 58.7 Days

Year length 88 Days

Distance from the sun (average) 36 million miles (58 Million KM)

Distance from Earth (shortest) 57 million miles (92 Million KM)

Distance from Earth (greatest) 136 million miles (219 Million KM)

Size (Earth=1) 0.38

Mass (Earth=1) 0.06

No of moons = None

This was Published in My Blog When Mercury Became Retro on 20th Aug 2010.
This Time With  Full colourful Picture
Edible Oil Price will rise,Bullish Tone in dry 
and fresh Fruits .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Astrology ,A New Dimension

Brothers and Sisters,
             I want to share my few week back's experience with you. In that week, suddenly my upstairs’ (Rahu) neighbor (3rd house) told, through our building’s (4th house) plumber (Mars-Moon), that he wants to clean (Sat) his water-pipe (Moon, at that time (Nirayana System)Mercury was entering in Cancer, Saturn was in Virgo (Mercury’s house and Mercury’s enemy is the Moon) It is his common practice to disturb people ;unnecessary cleaning the water pipes , setting water pipes, renovation of water pipes at least once or twice in a year and as main pipes are connected at our side, when he does this, we suffer  a lot. This time, I was so irritated (irritation... Saturn) that, I told “ I will not allow this nuisance (6th house…enmity) every time.”Anyway, then Secretary (Sun) came and convinced me that he himself will take responsibility if anything happens.

             Work started. Suddenly my next door neighbor (3 rd house) came(3 is Jupiter’s number) ,and asked about something on her child's(child Mercury) chart relating to Astrology,but the Secretary(The Sun) didn’t know , that I am attatched with Astrology also.He knew me as a Computer(Saturn ,Venus) Software(Mercury) Engineer. He surprised !(he is North-Indian ... north ... Jupiter.I am running Main Period  of Jupitar right now ) Then , he brought his son’s(5th house) horoscope and discussed with me and then I knew that he is also a good Astrologer for last 15 (=6 number of Venus)years,but it is not his profession.Since years, me and Secretary are good friends but me too didn’t know this .

             As it always happens if we exchange knowledge you will get some , others will also get . So , on that day we both became enlightened.

               Now-a-days,if I have any doubts on any horoscope , I consult with him  and he also consults with me specially for his own chart and his son's chart.

             What is the essence of this real story?It is that , if  I took the remedy of sixth house (as I was thinking) which , I presently think  is bad , other things which is good for me, may not come. Every problems has some positive effects. But now-a-days Astrology is becoming synonymous to Remedy .If I would have taken the remedy of 6th house (enmity),3rd (public relation too)house’s help may not come.

              The main thing is that, if we have some problems in our chart due to our past doings,wearing Gems may help us in some degree for time beings,but if we do Mantra-reciting or Puja ,Prayer,Going Temple ,Doing Meditation from our Heart or Change our Attitude or change our behavior to others, it really helps a lot.

              Another angle is that ,many things are apparently does not have any similarity , but have connection in deep level.
             As for example, if I curse or use bad words or do wrong behavior to my maid servant(Saturn) that means I am cursing my brother,my communication,my inner Strength for battle , all these are from 3rd house .Cursing friend means ,cursing Mother,cursing Mind,cursing Home ,cursing Vehicle etc ; all are from 4th house.If I curse my own Son or Daughter that means I am cursing my Medha(Intelligence),mantra(Japa) all are from 5th house.(5th house is also called mantra sthana)
If I curse enemies ,I am cursing my Job, both are from 6th house. If I curse my wife , I am cursing my Business both are from 7th house .If I curse 8th house,house of Death ,that means I am cursing chance of getting Lottery.If I curse religions ,I am cursing the fate these are from 9 th house.Cursing Father means cursing Profession that is 10 th house.If I curse my Elder Sister,that means I am cursing my Success ,both are from 11th house.If I curse my loss,I am cursing my Possible Foreign Tour,my Research Works  ,Bed Comfort,Father's Property etc, all these are from 12 th house.

             So remedy also means to change our attitude.If we change our attitude , corresponding house’s power will also increase no doubt about on it.
              And it surely helps our society also , as we ourselves are the part of it.So Astrology from different angle surely give you a new Dimension upon your valued thoughts.
Give me your valued feed back at