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Monday, September 2, 2019

Mrs. Ranu Mondal: A game of chance.

Mrs. Ranu Mondal: A game of chance.
                                              Indranil Ray                                                                                                                                             
                                        Mrs. Ranu Mondal, who recently went viral, when a video of her, singing the famous Lata Mangeshkar song, 'Ek pyaar ka naagma' started trending online,  keen to record a song with  upcoming film. Mondal was born to a poor family on November 5th, 1960 at a village in Nadia district in West Bengal. Her father was a poor hawker. Mondal lost her parents in her childhood. She was married to late Babul Mondal at the age of 13, having a daughter who had abandoned her mother for 10 years.
                                        Before being viral on social media, she used to sing at Ranaghat Station. She was a vagabond of Ranaghat Railway Junction. One day a young man, Atindra Chakraborty recorded her singing Lata Mangeshkar's old song Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai. He then shared her video on social networking sites. That video became viral. After gaining so much popularity and appreciation, she was then invited to a singing reality show Superstar Singer and Television Producer, Music Director, Composer, Singer and Actor Himesh Reshammiya,his, his was so impressed with her voice and immediately offered her to record a song of his upcoming film Happy Hardy and Heer. In this way, her career as a singer started. It is also reported that she is supposed to sing a Durga Puja theme song for a Kolkata based club. She might also sing a song for an Akshay Kumar's film, which is not yet finalized. After going popular, the team of Sony Entertainment Television's invites her on the set of Superstar Singer to let her know all over the world.

                                       Now we come to Mrs. Ranu Mondal’s Horary Astrological analysis. The time taken was 23.08.2019@14:51@Kolkata. The rising sign is Sagittarius 140 51 minute, Poorbashada star, whose lord is Venus. Jupiter is in Jyestha star, lord is Mercury .In the Lagna, Saturn(R) posited. He is also in Poorbashada star.In Bhava Chalit chart, Moon is in Aries with Aswini star.
                                      Dasha and Antara are going on Sun/Saturn. Means 9th lord’s Sun whose dasha is going on, posited in the 8th in Bhava Chalit (Krishnamurti Chart), means like lottery and viral video is a lottery. As Ranu's video is not the first time being posted. This time it becomes viral. Saturn(R) in Lagna and Jupiter in the 12th give her comparatively Raj Yoga. Her previous life was very poor, this we understands the Sun Dasha, 12th house lord, Mars Antara. Her fate opens from August as she started Sagittarius, Narayana Dasha and the Sagittarius is ready to give her light.
                                     Her Kalchakra dasha is started with the 8th house, which signifies lottery, sudden gain etc. These Dashas (Narayana and Kalchakra dasha) are very useful for horary prediction. The Sun is the fast friend in compound relationship with Jupiter. In D1, the Sun is in the 9th .The 9th lord Sun, posited in the 9th .From 17.07.2020 to 24-05-2021, Mercury Antara will go. Mercury is the bitter enemy of Jupiter while Saturn was the fast friend from Compound relationship. At Mercury dasha she may be in struggle.
                                      Whether Ranu Mondal gets the song of film, often?

The answer is ,no she may not get the song of film often, because of  the rising sign is Sagittarius is a Pristhothoya sign , whose rising part falling in , Sthir part (14051 minute ).She may be a singer of Puja and Jalsa and TV.

Horary Chart of Ranu Mondal of 23 August 2019 of 14:51 at Kolkata


 Krishnamurti Chart (Bhava Chalit)

Horary Chart of Ranu Mondal of 23 August 2019 of 14:51 at Kolkata
Krishnamurti Chart

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