by Shiva Astrology on Thursday, 27 October 2011 at 10:33
On 28th Oct 2011  Venus[Sukra] will enter at Scorpio[Vrischika] at 21.03 IST.
On 29 th Oct 2011 Mercury [Budha] will enter at Scorpio also at 15.19 IST
On 30 th Oct 2011 at  22.07 IST Mars will Enter at Leo[Simha] [My article, already published at Express Star Teller,India's most popular Vedic Astrology magazine.

                         So my dear readers ,my clients and my fans we require predictions ,that means possible happenings.
I already have started online classes and also classroom training on Basic Astrology and Financial Astrology Courses.
Prediction is an art as well as Science.We require very minute different angels before prediction.
People always want to hear good words but true astrologer should say the truth in soft form.
                     One thing we must remember ,today's good ,may be tomorrow's bad and vice verse.
People having degree but less knowledge ,less active,selective to the prescribed remedy, may not get the fruits of astrology.
                     Always doing Good Karma,Good Thinking,Donation [According to own capacity],Chanting of Mantra,wearing Gems,taking proper foods etc surely help us to overcome the Sancita[Stored,which  has not yet giving the fruits to native but ready in queue] and Aagami Karma[future Karma] according to our Respected Sages.
                     If we always improve our quality in our own respective fields and spiritually motivated, The Earth will observe a new Earth ,A new era where we are entering.
Collapsing the Capitalism as well as Communism and along with the End of the Dictatorship era , Strongly indicate ,we are in front of new era which must be free from any corruption and driven by mass[Common People].
                  Mercury and Venus in 8th natural Zodiac i.e. Scorpio strongly denotes dealing of others money,focus on insurance,money from your spouse etc.
Medical discoveries,chance of winning a lottery is very high.
This house also indicates death of national leaders,earthquake,explosion,bombing,secret agency activity,famine,fire,infection,floods,epidemics,pensioners etc.
This time due to mercury above mentioned things may happen on any kind of communications,libraries,play ground etc.
Due to Venus the same may happen on stock exchanges,bank,hotels,jewellery houses,neighboring countries etc.
Venus also indicates Marriage and money and Birth of Children.Mixed news may be expected.
                  We should always remember which is frustrating in present may give best result in long term.
New doors ,new openings ,new channels are always in front of us ,we just pick that up and use.
                  When a lock has been manufactured in the factory ,the key also been manufactured along with that lock,patience is the key word to find the key.

Om Namaha Shivaya
Indranil Ray

    • Beth Koch Rosato That image is so helpful: wherever there is a lock, there is also a key. As always, thank you for sharing, Indranil.
      Yesterday at 17:15 ·

    • Kim Cole This is wonderful! You are an excellent writer and Im so grateful for these posts and our friendship Indranil Ray. Namaste~
      Yesterday at 17:16 ·

    • Satya Siladitya Kar Beautiful Sir.I love the way you write. Best wishes. Thank you very much.
      Yesterday at 17:29 

    • Dharmendra Mishra Kudoa Dada! carry on your great job of predictions....
      22 hours ago