Friday, January 7, 2011

Mercury will Enter into Sagittarius Tonight at 12.03 PM [IST] & Mars will Enter At Capricorn.

Mercury will Enter into Sagittarius Tonight at 12.03 PM [IST] & Mars will Enter At Capricorn.


Today at 12.33 AM[IST] Mercury will Enter into Sagittarius
Tonight at 12.03 PM [IST]Mars will enter At Capricorn
I think ,Lot of Changing you are seeing for last 2 days and will see also around you and national and International [Mundane] Matter.
Today Indian Stock Market Crashed [Sensex] by 550[aapox] points.If You Are Follower My FaceBook Page then you Must have Seen My Comment on this.

For  My Friends who are not in FaceBook[FB] for them I am giving those.

            I Commented on Wednesday 5th Jan 2011
            Related To Govt of India , Sorrow is Waiting from Opposition for the Govt.
            And Sorrow has Started...Income tax tribunal says kickbacks were paid in Bofors purchase....
            I Commented on January 3, 2011, 2010 at
            "DEATH OF PUBLIC FIGURE..." Our Most Beloved Sucitra Mitra World Famous "Rabindra Sangeet"[Tagore Song] Singer died making our hearts empty.
            6th and 7th Jan 2011 onwards Many things Will happen Specially in the Stock Market due to Mars and Mercury's Change in Sign.
         Today 07-01-2011   SENSEX IS DOWN NOW 500[APPOX] POINTS .......

Transition Results[Gochara phala] 
       Of   Mercury
[Transition Results should be taken from From your Moon-Sign][Moon-Sign means your Natal Moon Position at the time of your Birth]
In the North Indian style ascendant is always fixed at the top and the zodiac moves anti clock wise. In the South Indian style, Zodiac is fixed in the clock wise direction; ascendant & planets move along the zodiac as the time changes. In Bengali style zodiac is again fixed but anti clock wise, ascendant & planets move along the zodiac like South Indian System .In western style the ascendant is fixed and placed on the left hand side whereas Zodiac moves in the anti clock wise direction
If  Mercury  is 
1st House :-Bondage
2nd   :Money Gain
3rd   :Very Bad and fear from Enemy
4th   :Money Gain
5th   :Illness
6th   :Gain of Place
7th   :Sorrow
8th   :Money Gain
9th   :Big Illness
10th :Good
11th : Money Gain
12th :Gain of Wealth 

Mercury is the prime natural indicative of trading and business as well as known by his intelligent and mathematical skills. Many important and weighty sectors in the stock and commodity markets are likely to be impacted by the transit of Mercury. 
Mercury easily gets influenced by his friends and associates. He is also a bit fickle minded

For  Mars...

If it is your Birth Rashi :fear from enemy.
2nd   :   Loss of wealth
3rd   :   Money gain
4th   :   Fear from enemy
5th   :   Threat to life
6th   :   Gain of wealth
7th   :    Sorrow
8th   :    Danger from weapon
9th   :    Loss of work
10th :    Good
11th :    Gain of land
12th :Disease & loss of money

Mars : Fiery, wounds, bone marrow, fevers, injuries, burns, hemorrhage, abortion,menstrual disorders, rheumatism, venereal disease.

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