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Congratulation to TMC Leader winning with Such huge sits and Glorious Victory.

Congratulation to TMC Leader winning with Such huge sits and Glorious Victory.


by Indranil Ray on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 12:03pm

                Our  planet is going through transition period, in several places apparent disturbances are on-going,  a strong wave of changing, true awareness is roaring  among the mass, a new horizon should appear for real civilization, Yesterday was  the most important day in the history of WEST BENGAL ,One of the most  important state in India,once Capital of India.So many Great souls took Their Sacred Birth Here in Kolkata.Swami Vivekananda is one of them.

So many Nobel laurite's Hometown is Kolkata .But from 1977 we were in Bondage like Situation under Left-Front Regime.
Though Common people[Moon] selected them by poll ,but can you imagine 34 years same rulling party should be in the power?

I am not a political person.
By ideology I am "Left according to Swami Vivekananda,who wanted Mass Improvement of Countryman but along with that increasing the Spiritual power.
"Aatmana Mokhaarthang Jagadritaya Cha " .
Meaning of this sloka is "Self Realization" and  help others thinking other as God.

But Like China ,Communist of India also changed them and started sucking Blood of Common people.They Snatch the land,they torture the common people[moon] ,so on and so forth.

Again I want to say neither I am Marksist,neither I am Congress ,nor I am Trinomool[TMC] .
 I have learned the truth in the light of Astrology.
May be that regime was required selected by God for Higher Truth.

People[Moon] made/making the ends of  the 34[important reversal number]years [started from 1977] regime of Left Front.[still 3 phase poll left and result will be out on 13 th may 2011.

Why I am Saying ?I have given some charts below.May be non-Astrologers will be bored and Astrologers start copying this chart[But Don't Copy Article's all are Copy right Protected ]which I have researched for many sleepless night.

Left Front Regime started on 1977.
Their Moon Sign is Cancer ,where Sat is situated ,that's why they got such longivity.And From Cancer Gemini is 12 th where their Natal sun has been Situated and Virgo is 2nd house .Virgo lord Mercury is 2nd from Cancer is Maraka[Death]where "Result out day's The Moon" and Saturn Retro have been posited

Advance Congratulation to TMC Leader winning with Such huge sits and Glorious Victory...Win on Moon[Mass People]
5 planets in 6th house[Opposition] ,Moon[Public] and Retro Sat[Change] is in 12 th[Loss place] in Kolkata's chart on 13th May at 7.30[As I assumed The All the Result will be out at then]

  Left Front's Venus period started 21-09-1988

Venus=Mamata started problem from that time remember dear reader? .
They took oath on their Mercury-Jupiter-mercury period on 21-june 1977.

Left Front Ministry's  problem started from 17-9-2008 at they started Sun period as The Sun is 12 th in their natal chart.

Their lagna[Ascdent] lord Moon will be at 12 th postion[Loss Place] of Kolkata's chart at the day the result will be out.
And most interesting thing to watch out for The Sun, Mars,Venus Mercury,Jupiter[5 planets] all will be at 7th From Kolkata's Lagna{Ascdent] Tula [Libra],and Ketu[Fall] [south node is 8th[Death house] and Retro Saturn and Moon will be Kolkata's 12 th place [loss place]

Most interesting thing to watch is that, in TMC Suprimo's Natal Chart, Sat is at Libra which is also Kolkata's Lagna[Ascdent].
Libra's Lord Venus and Venus and Saturn are friendly and Sat is ucca[Exalted] in Libra.
And Libra is waiting for her Lord.
Another important thing is that Kolkata has been started her Mercury dasha
In Transition ,Sat will enter at Libra  by Nov but start giving effect before 6 month
and most interesting She started Saturn's  Mahadasa from 2009.Actual rise started for her fromthat time  related to land=Saturn.
Not  going into deep,I stress on the chart of the Result out day .
Please observe  at Aries ,7th house[opposition] from Libra  all the planets situated,The Sat which is Maraka[Death] of Cancer ascdent is now in Trisaraya[3,6,11 is calle Trisaraya] and Retro  and Mamta Banerjee's Saturn Mahadasa started.

I can go more deep,Ahatakvargu,Amsha Chart etc etc but  I am not going ,As basic analysis  of all these seems that the regime may end.
Thank you my readers for your patience.
I tried to be in simple words but if you ask a a physicist to explain E=mc2[square] it is also so tough to write an article on prediction with explanation,I tried at least.
Jay Shiva Omkara

Note:Mahadasa,Maraka[Death house] Trisaraya might be jargon to you.
Mahadasa period is that the planet's settled at birth by some mathemetical calculation.
So if in one 's chart The Sun is in Aries ,but he/she doesn't get the Sun's periods he/she will not get the actual benefit of the The Sun.
Transition is like connection of fire stick an match box.
Trisaraya s are very bad places from Health and longivity point of view.
Maraka =Death
Dasha=period from 05-03-2011 and will continue upto 11-03-2028.
In this period Kolkata will become the Business hub .Not only that We will find good students specially from Computers,Good intellects,Good Communicators etc.

Copyright Protection
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                         This Work is under copyright protection, the moment it is created.
Jay Shiva OmKara

Vimshottari dasha of Left front 1977

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My article published on FaceBook on  by Indranil Ray on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 12:31p

Solar Ingress in Aries Sign [According to Nirayana System]

by Indranil Ray on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 12:31pm

The Sun will enter at Aries at Aswini Star on 14th April 2011  at 1 noon IST.
During this period the markets of bullion,metals,industrial-good,machinery,iron and steel,coffee,tea, cotton, edible oil, rice , wheat go bullish.

As this will occur on Thursday ,so food grains remain bearish but stock shares of textile get firmed and set for bullishness.
This ingress taking place at Nanda Lunar tithi so LESS RAIN  during Rainy Season is possible.

Those who were haunting FOR Govt Job/Medical,now this is the time for that ,prepare yourself OR EXPECT GOOD NEWS .Travel also may on the card.
Be very careful from any kind of fire related accidents.
Those who opt for Army ,high post shall get the chance.

But Along with that  arrogance ,not listening to other's these kind of behavior should be decrease to get success.

Extra  care should be taken  for the Eye and Heart and Stomach related problems and Specially for one's  father or Boss or Head of the Department,Region  or Head of the Nation.
Don't be over  obstinate and excessive  dashy ,one might loose popularity.
Politicians  are either face hardship [according to natal chart of them ]or will be the center of the public.
In This time you might loose your brother,so take extra care for them.

Don't over look Bone Marrow,Migraine,Head Ache problem,Bone problems[if you have] if it is there ,and take Extra caution between Husband-Wife Relationship so that you can stay together.

The Nothern areas are likely to face political disturbances and encounter problems.And Nothern part also get sufficient rains too.
Indian Prime-Minister's Health Must be taken Care with Caution.

Special Watch out for the Nations like France,Switzerland,Britain,Denmark,Germany,Lebanon,Syria,Neples .
Om Peace ! Om Peace ! Om Peace !

I am giving you some Facts.
1.I wrote in my Note!/notes/indranil-ray/solar-ingress-in-aries-sign-according-to-nirayana-system/208496735835265

"Special Watch out for the Nations like France,Switzerland,Britain,
Denmark,Germany,Lebanon,Syria,Neples ..."
Syrian security forces fired bullets and tear gas Friday at tens of thousands of protesters across the country, killing at least 75 people in the bloodiest day
Source From[Last Updated: Apr 23, 2011 12:13 AM ET]

2.Commented by  also in that "During this period the markets of bullion,metals,industrial-good,machinery,iron and steel,coffee,tea, cotton, edible oil, rice , wheat go bullish"


The price of gold has hit a record high. On Friday, gold reached $1508.20 per ounce, and silver reached $47.73 per ounce. “That's as high as it's ever been ...
Source News 10NBC

3.Commented "Extra  care should be taken  for the Eye and Heart and Stomach related problems and Specially for one's  father or Boss or Head of the Department,Region  or Head of the Nation."

Fact -3
Satya Sai Baba, Indian guru, dies at 84.Doctors say the guru, who is thought to have millions of followers around the world, died following a cardiac arrest.
He had been admitted to hospital in his hometown of Puttaparthi last month, suffering from respiratory problems and kidney failure.
He enjoyed support from all areas of Indian society - including Bollywood filmstars and senior politicians.
His high-profile followers include former Indian Prime Minster Atal Behari Vajpayee and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.
Many devotees considered him a living god, and credited him with mystical powers including the ability to conjure objects out of the air.

.Commented "Be very careful from any kind of fire related accidents."
Fact 4:
 Helicopter crash at TAWANG AT NORTH EAST DIED 17[Source]

Commented ""The Nothern areas are likely to face political disturbances and encounter problems.And Nothern part also get sufficient rains too"
Fact 5:
TAWANG is Northern east side.

6.Commented "The Nothern areas are likely to face political disturbances and encounter problems.And Nothern part also get sufficient rains too.
Fact 6: Indian Metallurgy Dept. 20th April  only announced sufficient rain may occur.

Thanks to you With love and Regards...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Solar-Ingress-in-Aries 2011-April

NOTE,GIVING YOU THE LINK.!/notes/indranil-ray/solar-ingress-in-aries-sign-according-to-nirayana-system/208496735835265

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