Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saturn Will become Retrograde From Today[26-01-11] 11.40 AM.[IST]

                    Saturn Will become Retrograde From Today  11.40 AM.[IST] .

                 When Saturn Retro in Virgo business goes Bullish.All the markets shows Rising Trends in Variant Degrees.The state Heads face trouble from the dissidents and infighting in the political parties.The public feel insecured.All the markets remain unsteady.

Before Going to Discussion on Retrogression, I want to present some interesting Facts to you.
Please read these with patience.
I told on 24-01-11 at my FB page
"You will find in your Personal and Also in mundane[National/International] matters...If you observe You will find CHANGES from today onwards "
1. Moscow, Jan 25 (PTI) A ''black widow'' linked to Russia ''srestive Northern Caucasus region could be behind the Deadly Suicide Attack at Moscow''s international airport and police were on the look out for four men who sneaked in with explosives.
Explosion killed 35 people, including two Britons, a German and a Bulgarian, and injured 178 others at the Domodedovo International Airport.

2.Pandit Bhimsen Joshi left the company of ordinary mortals yesterday. A tribute to the greatest musical genius of our times He had been sick. ...[Times of India]

I also Wrote Thursday, December 30, 2010 at
"Venus will enter[Nirayana System] Scorpio on 1st January 2011 at 4.45 IST on #16 Nakshtra[star]
Plane Crash,Troubles in Education Institutes,Rail Accidents,Land Problems,Sea-Accidents,Water Related Accidents,and Ship-Accidents May Occur.
You Will Find  new degree [Either Very Positive or Very Negative] related to Brothers,Sisters,Spouses 's Relation.
Related To Govt of India , Sorrow is Waiting from Opposition for the Govt."


1."The death toll from Brazil's flooding and mudslides is more than 800.Authorities say the number of bodies counted has reached 806 in the mountainous Serrana region, where days of heavy rains unleashed flash flooding and rivers of mud. The floods leveled houses, dislodged cars, and left thousands of people homeless in the area north of the city of Rio de Janeiro." [From Voice of America ® A Trusted Source of News & Information since 1942]
2.Australia flood death toll rises Rising flood waters start to engulf roads in the Victorian town of Horsham, 17 January 2011.Police in Australia’s Queensland state confirmed Tuesday that remains found were human, bringing the total number of people killed by this month’s flash flooding to 22.Nine people are still listed as missing after flash floods swept through the Lockyer Valley on 10 January, sweeping away homes, cars and trees.[ By RFI]
3.On 9 January 2011; Iran Air 727-200; Flight 277; Urmia, Iran: The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight from Tehran to Urmia, Iran when it crashed near the destination airport. All 12 crew members and 65 of the 93 passengers were killed. [From]

I Published The Article On Monday, January 3, 2011            


Some Facts I am Giving:

1.Cotton prices hit record high level.International prices also hit of record high  [ From Daily Times ]
2.Cost of UK wheat rises to record high.[From Financial Times]
3.After onions, it’s now tomatoes that are making the consumers cry. In one day alone, the prices have shot up by nearly Rs 10-15 and seem unlikely to drop anytime soon.Double in 10days.
4.You can  check the CARROTS prices also.Price of it is now cause of Worry for many people. I am quoting from ""  “In December and January, customers ask for "gajar ka halwa"[Special Sweet Dish of CARROT]. The demand is the most in these two months. But because of the rise in price , the demand has dropped. We've increased the rates, which has had a negative impact on the sale of this sweet.” 

 Something about Retrogression
                 A planet that is retrograde means that the planet was making an apparent backward motion at the time of birth. If a planet was retrograde at the time of birth, then that planet is notated in the natal horoscope with an R [Vakree] .
                Planets never move backwards, hence the term apparent.From an earth view, a planet only appears to move backwards for a given length of time.

                The energy of a retrograde planet is expressed more on an inner level .
Sometimes the native has difficulty to express the energy .Retrograde planets often give chance  to stop and rethink  the consequences,
so that spontaneous expression is stopped.
At other times, the outward behavior becomes exaggerated in an attempt to reconcile the inner doubts.
                  From karmic Law, retrograde planets in  natal chart can indicate internal struggle regarding an desired goal .
                   Saturn (Shani) entered in Virgo sign on September 9-10, 2009 and will remain there until 15th November 2011.Later, it will move towards Libra. 

                 Saturn is in the outermost Orbit of Earth amongst the three superiors.
                  The origin of word Shani comes from the following: "Shanaye Kramati Sa": i.e. the one who moves slowly.  It takes roughly 30 years to revolve around the Sun and spends two and a half years in each of the 12 zodiac signs.
                  Shani Dev is regarded as a planet of shadows which rules over the dark side of human nature, such as the conscience (awareness of right and wrong).
                 Shani Dev is regarded a God who does the twin jobs – a giver as well as destroyer. A person who sincerely prays to Shani, is blessed and all his problems and worries are solved, can live a life that one desires. If Shani bestows a person, he can achieve everything he wants. 

                But a person is completely ruined if Shani (Saturn) gets angry. It is also the most malefic planet, causes momentous variations as it moves on from one sign to another.
               Retrograde  Saturn in Natal Chart : These people nearly always grave doubts about their worthiness .
Can be very childish  in their behavior and full of fear  of taking chances.
This is an ego supresssing  situation.There is usually a subconscious fear of non-acceptance and of loss.
Their limitations and duties are self-imposed.

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Om Namoha Shivaya
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Subhas Chandra Bose ...Alive Always in Our Mind

Subhas Chandra Bose
Born:    January 23, 1897, 12 PM in:    Cuttak (India)
Birth-chart[Nirayana System]:
Aries-Ascendant, Mars;
Gemini-Ketu[South Node];
Virgo-the Moon;
Capricorn-the Sun, Mercury and Rahu[North node];
Aquarius-Venus (Born on 23.1.1897 at 12 p.m.)

He was an Indian revolutionary who led an Indian national political and military force against Britain and the Western powers during World War II. Popularly known as Netaji (literally "Respected Leader"),  was one of the most prominent leaders in the Indian independence movement and is a legendary figure in India today.

 Subhash Chandra Bose was a very intelligent and sincere student  He passed his B.A. in Philosophy from the Presidency College in Calcutta.
He was strongly influenced by Swami Vivekananda's teachings and was known for his patriotic zeal as a student. He also adored Vivekananda as his spiritual Guru.
It was during this period that Subhash was drawn towards the works of Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) as he accepted:“I was barely fifteen when Vivekananda entered my life, then there followed a revolution within.

He followed his spiritual mentor-Swami Vivekananda. Subhash Chandra Bose called Swami Vivekananda "the maker of modern India". His father wanted Netaji to become a civil servant and therefore, sent him to England to appear for the Indian Civil Service Examination. He was placed fourth with highest marks in English.
But his urge for participating in the freedom movement was intense that in April 1921,  resigned from the coveted Indian Civil Service and came back to India.

Soon, he left home to become an active member of India's independence movement.
He, later joined the Indian National Congress, and also elected as the president of the party.

During the Second World War in September, 1939, Subhash Chandra Bose decided to initiate a mass movement. He started uniting people from all over the country. There was a tremendous response to his call and the British promptly imprisoned him. In jail, he refused to accept food for around two weeks.
Although it was believed that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose died in a plane crash, his body was never recovered. There have so many theories been put forward regarding his abrupt desertion. The government of India set up a number of committees to investigate the case and come out with truth.

The reports of Justice Mukherjee Commission, tabled in Parliament on 17 May, 2006 said, "Bose did not die in the plane crash and the ashes at Renkoji temple are not his". 

Quote From Netaji:
“One individual may die for an idea; but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives. That is how the wheel of evolution moves on and the ideas and dreams of one nation are bequeathed to the next”
Formative Influence of Swami Vivekananda on Subhash Chandra Bose:  A  Biographical Study BY ABNISH SINGH

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sun Entered at Capricorn.Transition Results

The Sun Entered at Capricorn [Vedic System]
Transition Results[Gochara phala] 
          of The Sun

If The Sun is  Now  at  your Birth Rashi[Moon Sign] :
Change Of Place or Loss of Place. 
If The Sun is Now at 2nd Sign From your Moon sign : Fear  
If The Sun is Now at 3rd Sign From your Moon sign:Gain of wealth 
If The Sun is Now at 4th Sign From your Moon sign :Loss Of Fame

If The Sun is Now at 5th Sign From your Moon sign: Loss Of Work

If The Sun is  Now at 6th Sign From your Moon sign: Gain of wealth

If The Sun is  Now at 7th Sign From your Moon sign: Loss Of MoneyIf The Sun Now at 8th Sign From your Moon sign: Disease/PainIf If The Sun is Now at 9th Sign From your Moon sign: Loss of Health

If The  Sun is  Now at 10th Sign From your Moon sign:Gain Of Work.

If The Sun is Now at 11th Sign From your Moon sign:Gain of Wealth

If The Sun is  Now at 12th Sign From your Moon sign :Loss Of Wealth and Big Problem.

 The Sun
The Sun is the closest star to Earth and is the center of our solar system. A giant, spinning ball of very hot gas, the Sun is fueled by nuclear fusion reactions. The light from the Sun heats our planet and makes life possible. The Sun is also an active star that displays sunspots, solar flares, erupting prominences, and coronal mass ejections. These phenomena, which are all related to the Sun's magnetic field, impact our near-Earth space environment and determine our "space weather". In about five billion years, the Sun will evolve into a Red Giant, and eventually, a White Dwarf star. Many cultures have had interesting myths about the Sun, in recognition of its importance to life on Earth.

The outermost layer of the Sun's atmosphere is the corona. The corona is very, very hot - about 1 million degrees! Glowing plasma, which is like magnetized gas, sometimes forms loops in the corona. Magnetic fields around sunspots make these loops, called coronal loops. The loops are huge - about 30 Earths would fit across them!

The "surface" of the Sun (the photosphere) is covered with a "granulation pattern" caused by the convective flow of heat rising to the photosphere from the Sun's interior. The granulation pattern is similar to what you see when you look at the top of a pot of boiling oatmeal. Note how the hotter centers of granules bulge upward, while the cooler edges are sinking downward.

On 21 April, 2010, the Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the launch of a filament from the surface of the Sun. These are the most detailed images of the Sun ever taken. The images show light in the ultraviolet part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Sun is now entering another period of solar activity after several years of a relatively quiet Sun. Activity on the Sun varies on an cycle of about 11 years.

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The Condensed India...Swami Vivekananda

 The Condensed India...Swami Vivekananda 
Swami Vivekananda is perhaps best known for his inspiring speech beginning with "Sisters and Brothers of America",through which he introduced Hinduism at the Parliament of the World's Religions at Chicago in 1893.

From his childhood, he showed inclination towards spirituality and God realization. While searching for a man who could directly demonstrate the reality of God.

In his own motherland Vivekananda is regarded as the patriot saint of modern India and an inspirer of her dormant national consciousness.

He preached the ideal of a strength-giving and man-making religion.Service to man as the visible manifestation of the Godhead was the special form of worship he advocated for .
Many political leaders of India have publicly acknowledged their indebtedness to Swami Vivekananda.

In America Vivekananda's mission was the interpretation of India's spiritual culture, especially in its Vedantic setting.
He also tried to enrich the religious consciousness of the Americans through the rational and humanistic teachings of the Vedanta philosophy.

In America he became India's spiritual ambassador and pleaded eloquently for better understanding between India and the New World in order to create a healthy synthesis of East and West, of religion and science.

The Swami's mission was both national and international. A lover of mankind, he strove to promote peace and human brotherhood on the spiritual foundation of the Vedantic Oneness of existence.

A mystic of the highest order, Vivekananda had a direct and intuitive experience of Reality. He derived his ideas from that unfailing source of wisdom and often presented them in the soul stirring language of poetry. 

The midst of acute physical suffering-he left for posterity his four classics: Jnana-Yoga, Bhakti-Yoga, Karma-Yoga, and Raja-Yoga, all of which are outstanding treatises on Hindu philosophy.

In addition, he delivered innumerable lectures, wrote inspired letters in his own hand to his many friends and disciples, composed numerous poems, and acted as spiritual guide to the many seekers, who came to him for instruction.

He also organized the Ramakrishna Order of monks, which is the most outstanding religious organization of modern India. It is devoted to the propagation of the Hindu spiritual culture not only in the Swami's native land, but also in America and in other parts of the world. 

Swami Vivekananda once spoke of himself as a "condensed India." His life and teachings are of inestimable value to the West for an understanding of the mind of Asia.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes:-

Love Is The Law Of Life: All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves lives, he who is selfish is dying. Therefore, love for love's sake, because it is law of life, just as you breathe to live.

Life is Beautiful: First, believe in this world - that there is meaning behind everything. Everything in the world is good, is holy and beautiful. If you see something evil, think that you do not understand it in the right light. Throw the burden on yourselves! 

Set Yourself Free: The moment I have realised God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him - that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes, and I am free.

Don't Play The Blame Game: Condemn none: if you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way.

Help Others: If money helps a man to do good to others, it is of some value; but if not, it is simply a mass of evil, and the sooner it is got rid of, the better.

Uphold Your Ideals: Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.

Nothing Is Impossible: Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin - to say that you are weak, or others are weak.

 Learn Everyday: The goal of mankind is knowledge... now this knowledge is inherent in man. No knowledge comes from outside: it is all inside. What we say a man 'knows', should, in strict psychological language, be what he 'discovers' or 'unveils'; what man 'learns' is really what he discovers by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge.

Be Truthful: Everything can be sacrificed for truth, but truth cannot be sacrificed for anything.

Think Different: All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.

 It's The Way You Feel: Feel like Christ and you will be a Christ; feel like Buddha and you will be a Buddha. It is feeling that is the life, the strength, the vitality, without which no amount of intellectual activity can reach God.

Date of birth       12 January 1863(1863-01-12)
Place of birth      Calcutta, India
Birth name          Narendranath Dutta
Date of death     4 July 1902(1902-07-04) (aged 39)
Place of death     Belur Math near Kolkata
Guru/teacher     Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
Quotation     Come up, O lions, and shake off the delusion that you are sheep; you are souls immortal, spirits free, blest and eternal; ye are not matter, ye are not bodies; matter is your servant, not you the servant of matter.

Compiled By Indranil Ray 
Msc[IT],MCA,Jyotish Bharti[Gold Medalist],Jyotish Shastri
Bandemataram Awardee,Maharshe Vedavyas Awardee
Swami Vivekananda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Swami NIKHILANANDA,Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center,New York
Biography - Swami Vivekananda, by: R.Pettinger

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Mercury will Enter into Sagittarius Tonight at 12.03 PM [IST] & Mars will Enter At Capricorn.

Mercury will Enter into Sagittarius Tonight at 12.03 PM [IST] & Mars will Enter At Capricorn.


Today at 12.33 AM[IST] Mercury will Enter into Sagittarius
Tonight at 12.03 PM [IST]Mars will enter At Capricorn
I think ,Lot of Changing you are seeing for last 2 days and will see also around you and national and International [Mundane] Matter.
Today Indian Stock Market Crashed [Sensex] by 550[aapox] points.If You Are Follower My FaceBook Page then you Must have Seen My Comment on this.

For  My Friends who are not in FaceBook[FB] for them I am giving those.

            I Commented on Wednesday 5th Jan 2011
            Related To Govt of India , Sorrow is Waiting from Opposition for the Govt.
            And Sorrow has Started...Income tax tribunal says kickbacks were paid in Bofors purchase....
            I Commented on January 3, 2011, 2010 at
            "DEATH OF PUBLIC FIGURE..." Our Most Beloved Sucitra Mitra World Famous "Rabindra Sangeet"[Tagore Song] Singer died making our hearts empty.
            6th and 7th Jan 2011 onwards Many things Will happen Specially in the Stock Market due to Mars and Mercury's Change in Sign.
         Today 07-01-2011   SENSEX IS DOWN NOW 500[APPOX] POINTS .......

Transition Results[Gochara phala] 
       Of   Mercury
[Transition Results should be taken from From your Moon-Sign][Moon-Sign means your Natal Moon Position at the time of your Birth]
In the North Indian style ascendant is always fixed at the top and the zodiac moves anti clock wise. In the South Indian style, Zodiac is fixed in the clock wise direction; ascendant & planets move along the zodiac as the time changes. In Bengali style zodiac is again fixed but anti clock wise, ascendant & planets move along the zodiac like South Indian System .In western style the ascendant is fixed and placed on the left hand side whereas Zodiac moves in the anti clock wise direction
If  Mercury  is 
1st House :-Bondage
2nd   :Money Gain
3rd   :Very Bad and fear from Enemy
4th   :Money Gain
5th   :Illness
6th   :Gain of Place
7th   :Sorrow
8th   :Money Gain
9th   :Big Illness
10th :Good
11th : Money Gain
12th :Gain of Wealth 

Mercury is the prime natural indicative of trading and business as well as known by his intelligent and mathematical skills. Many important and weighty sectors in the stock and commodity markets are likely to be impacted by the transit of Mercury. 
Mercury easily gets influenced by his friends and associates. He is also a bit fickle minded

For  Mars...

If it is your Birth Rashi :fear from enemy.
2nd   :   Loss of wealth
3rd   :   Money gain
4th   :   Fear from enemy
5th   :   Threat to life
6th   :   Gain of wealth
7th   :    Sorrow
8th   :    Danger from weapon
9th   :    Loss of work
10th :    Good
11th :    Gain of land
12th :Disease & loss of money

Mars : Fiery, wounds, bone marrow, fevers, injuries, burns, hemorrhage, abortion,menstrual disorders, rheumatism, venereal disease.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The First Solar Eclipse of 2011 will occur on 4th January 2011[Surya Grahan]

 The First Solar Eclipse of 2011 will occur on 4th January 2011[Surya Grahan]
The first Solar Eclipse of 2011 will occur on 4th January 2011. 
It will be a Partial Solar Eclipse.

4th January 2011 Solar Eclipse will occur in Sagittarius Zodiac Sign [Nirayana System](Dhanu Rashi) in Mesha Lagna and Vrishabha Lagna.

Effect  of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Mesh Rashi (Aries) :
 For people of Aries Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse may increase the study tension for students and they may have to face hurdles in their education related matters.
Also it is not a good time for people of this zodiac sign in terms of love or relationship. 

He may see increase in mental pressure and may suffer from mental depression.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Vrushabh  (Taurus) :
For people of Taurus Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse will prove to be good. It will give them happiness. Your family responsibilities will increase and you will have a good time with your family members.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Mithun (Gemini) :
For people of Gemini Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse may not be good for your married life and tensions with your life partner will increase. You are bound to have arguments with your life partner on this day, so better stay calm.
Also avoid from doing any big business deal, especially if it is in partnership.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Karkatam (Cancer) :
For people of Gemini Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse may bring in health related problems. You may catch some viral disease on this day like cold or cough. So we would advice people of this Rashi to take necessary health precautions.
Apart from this, you may get angry soon on this day.
ALso beware of your enemies of this day and avoid money matter related dealings with othes.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Simha (Leo) :
For people of Leo Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse may not bring it to good results. You might see unnecessary spending on this day. Some sort of sudden and unexpected expenditure may increase your tensions.
On this day, you may have tensions regarding your name and honour, and you may lose your value due to some false allegations or so.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Kanya (Virgo) :
For people of Virgo Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse may be fruitful. It will give them good results in all fields of life let it be work/ profession related or family related.
You will also have good time with your friends and family members.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Tula (Libra) : 

For people of Virgo Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse will bring good results, especially on financial fronts. You may get some good job, or increase in pay or you may getback your stuck money.
But you will need to take some care of your health.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Vrischika (Scorpio) :
For people of Virgo Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse will bring in mixed results. You might have to work hard, will get higher responsiblities which will keep you busy. You will have higher expenses.
You will have some issues or fights with your brother or sister, so better speak less, as there may be changes of debates.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Dhanu (Sagittarius) :
Solar Eclipse of 4 January 2011, will influence Sagittarius people the most. You will get good success in your work.Your uncomplete work will get over on this day.
On other hand, you will be fussy and wont be able to trust any body easily. This will cause some problems in your life. There may be problems in your married life.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Makar (Capricorn) :
For people of Capricorn Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse will bring in some financial problems. You may loose weath due to unexpected expenditures, or your money may get stolen. better avoid making money related decisions on this day.
But this day will be good for yor love life and relationship with your lifepartner will be good.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Kumbh (Aquarius) :
For people of Capricorn Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse will give you good financial results. You can get a increment or good orders in your business. You might even get some unexpected money. But your expenses may also increase giving you some tensions.
Overall you will be happy and full of passion.

Effect of 4 January 2011 Solar Eclipse on Meen (Pisces) :
For people of Capricorn Zodiac Sign, this Solar Eclipse will be problamatic. You might get hurt due to some accident, so take due precaution on this day.
Family matters may also give you tension throught the day. There will be som or other conflict in your family. Better avoid anger on this day to avoid any big trouble.


Here is the time of Surya Grahan in Delhi on 4 January 2011. The people of Delhi can view the partial solar eclipse of 4 January 2011 clearly. The time given here is IST (Indian Standard Time). This surya grahan will also visible in Jaipur, Jodhpur, (Rajasthan), Shimla (Himachal Pradesh), Srinagar (Jammu Kashmir), and many other cities of North India. Here is the time of solar eclipse on January 4, 2011[I am not mentioning the Other Countries time and Visibility]

Surya Grahan sparsh kaal – 15.12.07 (partial solar eclipse begins – 3.12.07 pm)

Surya grahan Madhya kaal – 15.32.08 (Mid or grater partial eclipse – 3.32.08 pm)

Surya grahan moksha kaal – 15.51.47 (Partial solar eclipse ends – 3.51.47 pm)
There is a ‘punya kala’ when the Surya Grahan is visible.
And people observe fasting during this period.
If the Grahan is not visible in the particular region, there is no ‘punya kala’ and there are no restrictions.

There is no restriction in moving around if there is no Surya Grahan in your region.

The mantra that is chanted during Surya Grahan by pregnant women is the Santana Gopala Mantra.

Om Mitraaya Namah
Om Ravaye Namah
Om Sooryaya Namah
Om Bhaanave Namah
Om Khagaaya Namah
Om Pooshne Namah
Om Hiranya Garbhaaya Namah
Om Mareechaye Namah
Om Aadityaaya Namah
Om Savitre Namah
Om Arkaaya Namah
Om Bhaaskaraya Namah
Om Sri Savitra Soorya Narayanaaya Namah ||
Love You .Love you All.
Indranil Ray