Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Om Dhum Ram Rahave Namah

"Om Dhum Ram Rahave Namah"
The word 'Dhum' in above mantra denotes Dhavana Shakti, the power of obscuring, hiding, protecting and preparing. 
                                        The following mantras are also considered very good for Rahu. 
You may opt to recite one of the following mantra if you find it comparatively easy to remember.
"Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah rahave namah"
    "Om raam rahve namah"

The Rahu's mantra may be recited for 18,000 times within 40 days during night and puja performed with blue flowers and sandal wood. Begin recitation on a Saturday during the bright half of the Moon.

Presence of 'Kali and Durga yantra' at the place of recitation may help you in achieving the desired results faster.

You may also opt to chant following Puranic mantra for propitiating the Rahu (18,000 times).
Ardha-kayam mahim-viryam chandraditya-vimardanam
simhika-garbha-sambhutam tam rahum pranamamy aham
When translated in English, it means:

"I offer my obeisances to Rahu, born from the womb of Simhika, who has only half a body yet possesses great power, being able to subdue the Sun and the Moon."

Astronomically (as per Hindu Astrology), Rahu and Ketu denote the two points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move around the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes. The fact that eclipses occur when Sun and Moon are at one of these points gives rise to the myth of the swallowing of the Sun.

                               Mean Rahu[North Node changed his sign into Scorpio on 6th June and stay for next one and half years.

Transition result for this:-[Moon Sign]
1.Gemini[Mithuna],Virgo[Kanya],Capricorn[Makara],Aquarius[Kumbha] are good
2.Taurus,Cancer,Libra,Scorpio,Pisces are also okay
3.Aries,Leo,Sagittarius :Very bad
If Rahu is now at your Moon sign,or from your moon sign 2nd,4th,5th 7th 8th,9th,12th house
expences,fear from enemy,loss of job,foreign living,disease,fear from death.
Other houses are good.

For malefic Rahu Remedy:
Wear Gomed [Hessonite]
or Donate blue cloth,til [sesame seed]with iron vessel.

Along with Rahu, Ketu[South node] also changed his sign into Taurus.
Good for Cancer,Leo,Sagitarious,pisces
1.Taurus,Gemini,Virgo,Libra,Scorpio,Capricorn,Aquarius are okay
2.for Cancer and Pisces are very good.
3.Leo and Sagittarius are not that good.

From your Moon Sign if it is now at 3rd,6th,10th,11th then:-
for Malefic Ketu  donate Black Til,Til Oil,Black Blanket,Rice with Donation to Brahman.

From India's point of view Rahu is now at 7th house from Taurus Ascendant and 11th house from Her
Capricorn Moon Sign.
This position may deliver sudden events and such hurdles from opposition which must be tackled with
due care to avoid break down of the Government.
Running Contracts get annulled.
On going works do not yield expected profits.The development programmes go awry.

It may cause impediments and contractions in activities.
It erodes profits, impair financial position.

It may create disruption of work ,work force get dissatisfied and show agitation affecting
the productivity.

Open Warfare with neighboring country can't be ruled out within this coming one and half years.
General condition of women  in India will not become very pleasant.
Serious problems in Parliament,can't be ruled out.
The people with vested interest incite the strike etc.

 Scorpio and Taurus Ascendant or Moon Sign people must take Extra Caution for this coming One and Half years from sudden Accident,Bomb-blast,secret enmity, dacoits , Break down of Multi Storied building,Car accidents,
Rope Accidents,Fire accidents etc .

May Lord shiva Bless us All.
Om TatSat .

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