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Monday, January 9, 2012

Venus entered Aquarius

Venus entered Aquarius

Venus entered Aquarius    [9th January 2012]    

          Venus is one of the brightest objects in the night sky.
Some pictures of Venus have been taken from Earth. Spacecraft have even landed on Venus though they didn’t last long, and took images of Venus from the surface. Scientists believe that a history of widespread, active volcanism on Venus and a runaway greenhouse effect have kept nearly all of its volatile elements up in the air and caused most of its hydrogen to be lost to space.
           Because there is more gas on Venus than Earth, Venus’ atmosphere is taller than Earth’s.  Earth’s highest visible clouds are about 12 kilometers above the ground, while Venus’ clouds composed of sulfuric acid accumulate in opaque layers between 50 and 80 kilometers above the ground.   
            Venus, the symbol of beauty and the sentiment of affection is considered to be a benign planet in Astrology. This planet shows where you will relax, indulge your sense of comforts, improve the surroundings with color, ornamentation, music and romance. This is the perfect time for bringing groups together for a common cause, and Venus here helps to foster co-operation between people and find points of similarity. It can indicate rapport with the opposite sex, and Venus here may also show gains through such acquaintances.
The individual may also seek a connection to artistic or cultural groups.
              Forming harmonious, warm social friendships, possibly related to group activities within a club, can figure now. You may meet someone through such group activities; consequently, your interests will be shared. Venus here enlivens your friendships and group associations with charm and grace. You are more peace-loving than usual and slightly detached on a personal level.