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Happy Vernal Equinox Day

Dr.Ramakrishna Sastri ,Veda Tirtha,Vice Chancellor of Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith,Chairman of "India Sanskrit Sahitya Siksha samsad",
Chairman Asian Astrologer's Congress,Editor Jyotish Sidhanta
Fellow of "International American Institute",
Founder President Astrological Research project
He is one of my Jyotish[Astrology] Guru and is blessing me.....

Dear Readers ,
I Predicted on on Tues Day[8th March 2011] On My Face Book Page 
"From 2mrow to 2/3 days Any Kind of Accidents may Occur due to Mars Aspect..."
Tsunami of Japan.
My Deep CONDOLENCE From my Core Heart FOR JAPAN.
MAY Lord BLESS THEM AND Power for Coming Back to LIFE AGAIN.
Om Namoha Shivaya

Happy Vernal Equinox Day to you ALL...
According to my invented theory and research  ,you always find the important incidents in your life as well as Mundane matters [National and International] during this day.
You will keep track  7 days before and 7 days after of this Important Day. 
On 25 th March ,Mars will enter at Pisces.
Tomorrow [22-03-2011]Venus will enter into Aquarius at 12.40 noon.
Mercury will become retrograde on 30th March at 2.25 midnight. [All according to Vedic Nirayana system]
From 25 th March at Pisces ,Mars will be there .
From before ,The Sun,Jupiter and Mercury are also there.
And from tomrrow venus will be at Aquarius .
So it is very interesting combination to watch out for.

In my Opinion related to Jail, Labour House,Hospital,Lunatic Asylum,Charitable Department,Secret Agencies will face lots of problems mainly from 23 rd March 2011[approx date] Onwards,
Accidents,Loss on the Air and specially at Sea or at River might happen.
Careful from Dacoits and Severe Torture from Hooligans.
This placement of Mars ,compels the Management to take extreme steps to quell and subdue the agitational  stance of workers.
The clandestine and deceptive activities become intense.
Take care of the females who are pregnant and  diabetic persons.
Take special care about Divorce and Separations from your sweet hearts.
I ALSO commented in this  Blog on February 18, 2011 "Price of Silver Will Rise"
Silver Blasted Into New High Ground after...... 1980 .
So My Predictions ONCE AGAIN ACCURATE[Check my Previous Predictions also in this Blog...NUMEROUS 100% CORRECT PREDICTIONS].

                              Transition Results [Gochara phala] 
          of VENUS [Venus stays 28 days[Approx] in a sign]
[Transition Results should be taken from From your Moon-Sign][Moon-Sign means your Natal Moon [Horoscope Moon Sign ] Position at the time of your Birth]
If Venus is 
If your Moon  Sign is   Aquarius   [kumbha]     : Death of enemy.
If your Moon  Sign is     Pisces      [mina]          : Wealth Gain
If your Moon  Sign is   Aries         [mesha]        : Good
If your Moon  Sign is    Taurus     [vrisha]         : Wealth Gain
If your Moon  Sign is   Gemini     [mithuna]      : Child Birth(Son)
If your Moon  Sign is   Cancer     [karkata]       : Increase of enemy
If your Moon  Sign is     Leo        [simha]          : Sorrow
If your Moon  Sign is    Virgo      [kanya]          : Money Gain
If your Moon  Sign is   Libra        [tula]             : Gain of Cloth
If your Moon  Sign is   Scorpio    [vriscika]       : Bad
If your Moon  Sign is  Sagittarius[dhanu]          : Gain of Wealth
If your Moon  Sign is  Capricorn [makara]        : Wealth Gain

Transition Result For Mars[According to your Moon Sign][Mars stays 45 days[Approx]
If  your
Moon Sign is   Pisces    [mina]      Fear from enemy.
Moon Sign is  
Aries     [mesha]    Loss of wealth
Moon Sign is  
Taurus  [vrisha]        Money gain
Moon Sign is  
Gemini  [mithuna]  Fear from enemy
Moon Sign is  
Cancer  [karkata]    Threat to life
Moon Sign is  
Leo        [simha]      Gain of wealth
Moon Sign is  
Virgo     [kanya]             Sorrow
Moon Sign is  
Libra     [tula]         Danger from weapon
Moon Sign is  
Scorpio [vriscika]    Loss of work
Moon Sign is  
Sagittarius[dhanu]          Good
Moon Sign is  
Capricorn [makara] Gain of land
Moon Sign is 
  Aquarius[kumbha]   Disease , loss of money
in a sign] 

 Mercury   Retrograde Result You will Find My in my previous Article

Now I am quoting from my previous Article.
                      "Since 2008/ 2009, change has been imperative. Chances are that you’ve seen many people’s lives change drastically since that time, as well as your own life.
                      This is not light-weight stuff. It’s big. A big Stock Market Crash [Sensex Indian Stock Market]from 21000 to 4 digit,USA’s recession, Obama in USA(First Black President, Dubai (Fall of Dubai-world) episode, Ireland's mountains in a consequence of volcanic activity(and for that air-roots stopped for 2/3 days several times ).Most hardest winter after 32/33 years in England, Euro Depreciation,Rupee’s New Symbol(recent)and, Greece in deep Recession" ,
Solar Tsunami,Egypt,Libya incidents,New zealand earth quake,Tsunami in Japan etc;  "follow these sequences , its coming one after another.And it goes on .A severe recession is coming in Europe,specially in Spain.
                     But Indian economy will rise ,and make every body fool. It will be de-coupled from US/USA.

AFTER 2012 new high will come in Sensex and Nifty .Big brains are investing in India.New India is on the Card.
                    The key right now is to keep embracing those changes. You can’t stop them. You probably need them, and you might even want them, whether consciously or not.
                     So go with the changes. Embrace change. That’s the key."

Indranil Ray Msc(IT),MCA ,Jyotish Bharati[Gold Medalist]

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The Below Picture Me and My Diksha GuruDevji Most Revered Late Swami Gahananandaji Fourteenth President of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission.
I came in Contact with HIM most probably in the year of 1994/95
This is the Picture in the year of 2003 with HIM , On the Tour with HIM at Bhubaneswar Math.
I received HIS Special Blessings Always.
Before Leaving this Earth HE expressed HIS desire to see me.
It was a Great Feeling For Me,As HIS Sevak Maharaji Told me that HE didn't express this kind of Desire towards Anyone.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I commented in my Blog on February 18, 2011 "Price of Silver Will Rise ...Grains,All Earthy Products Stocks Shares Will Rise...."
Within a week you are seeing Indian Stock Market [Sensex] up by 700 points and more. 

Silver Blasted Into New High Ground after 1980.

"Om Namah Shivaya"
It is called Panchakshara, or "having five syllables
( pronounced as Aum Num-ha Shi-why)
Om Namah Shivaya (Panchakshara Mantra, five syllables) is a most potent and popular mantra, which is at the heart of the Vedas and Tantra, and is widely used in this and other variations in the Himalayan tradition.

OM/AUM: The three parts of Om (A-U-M) encompass the three states of waking, dreaming, deep sleep, the three levels of gross, subtle, causal, and the three levels of conscious, unconscious, subconscious, as well as the three universal processes of coming, being, and going.Absolute silence beyond the three levels is the silence after AUM.

Na is the Lord's concealing grace,
Ma is the world,
Śi stands for Śiva,
Va is His revealing grace,
Ya is the soul.
  The five elements, too, are embodied in this ancient formula for invocation.
Na is earth,
Ma is water,
Śi is fire,
Vā is air,
and Ya is ether, or Ākāśa.
Om Nama
h Śivaya has such power, the mere intonation of these syllables reaps its own reward in salvaging the soul from bondage.
Om Nama
h Śivāya quells the instinct, cuts through the steel bands and turns this intellect within and on itself, to face itself and see its ignorance.
Sages declare that mantra is life, that mantra is action, that mantra is love and that the repetition of mantra, japa, bursts forth wisdom from within.

The following focuses on meanings for mantra meditation leading to Self-Realization.
It means  "I bow to Shiva." Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It  is the name given to consciousness that dwells in all.  Shiva is the name of your true identity- your self.
Om Namah Shivay is a very powerful mantra. It has been said about this mantra that if this mantra vibrates continually in your heart, then you have no need to perform austerities,
How to repeat 'Om Namah Shivay'

            Sit in a comfortable and peaceful  place and position. Start repeating the mantra in your mind or loudly with the same speed as you talk:
 Om Namah Shivay (Aum Num-ha Shi-why)

( To repeat any mantra as already mentioned in General Rules :
 one should repeat it with full awareness of its meaning. )
Repeat 'Om Namah Shivay', with the feeling that you are bowing to Shiva - your true inner self. Repeat this mantra with respect.
The inner self is the form of God in you. So as you say ' Om Namah Shivay' i.e. "I bow to Shiva'; you are actually bowing to God - The great almighty. The repetition of the name of God is equivalent to be merged in his very being.  When you repeat God's name in your mouth, in one way, you experience the God itself. Just repeat this mantra with faith and it's powerful phonetic vibrations will start doing miracle for you.

By Indranil Ray

Indranil Ray Msc(IT),MCA ,Jyotish Bharati[Gold Medalist]

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"Om Namah Shivaya"