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September 25

September 25

 September 25 may be a major day as far as the planetary energies go. Mercury moves from sidereal Virgo to sidereal Libra, joining Venus, Saturn and Rahu.

Mutual friends Venus, Saturn and Mercury are all union in friendly sign Libra on the day of the precise conjunction of Rahu and Saturn. With Venus in its own sign, Saturn in its sign of exaltation and friendly   and Mercury in the sign of a friend,should play a supportive role for one another.
Mercury, the quick mover ,this time, will stay long in Libra until November 30 due to a retrograde  between October 21-November 10.
The next couple of months, Mercury will play the role of diplomat somewhat, communicating messages, patching up relationships and assisting exchange of information  could help to make sense of busy or chaotic situations.

Climactic period of Saturn-Rahu Exact Conjunction on September 25


Saturn and Rahu become exactly conjunct starting at 7:10 am on Wednesday, September 25. This is the big minute we are  all waiting for.Any extremely , awful, exceptional dramatic events may occur .People or places with significant placements near 15ยบ of Libra or Aries may experience some significant events around this time. From September 21, Saturn and Rahu will share the similar degree (15 Libra) until October 10, at which point they begin to separate and go their separate ways. They both continue to transit through sidereal Libra until next year; Rahu first leaving for Virgo in July, then Saturn for Scorpio in November. This still leaves a feeling of pressure on the sign Libra and the ideals we hold until the year 2016. 
Taking Mars' square aspect to Rahu alone is enough to set off some extreme events, be it man-made or natural, but when we add Mars' debilitation and the mutual influence of Saturn and Mars, we experience some tense and frustrating times in our lives.   Rahu exaggerates Saturn's environment and therefore a weakened Mars has a powerful and exaggerated Saturn to challenge .

Blending of pressure and chaos , this Saturn Rahu conjunction may dish up  to us, we are happy to have Venus and Mercury present on either side of the combination in order to defuse and present a sense of companionship and empathy to circumstances which may arise.

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