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LIVE Talking with Bina Gorova on FaceBook WAll.

 LIVE Talking with Bina Gorova on FaceBook WAll.Actually,This time I supposed to write the Article on "Remedy or No Remedy",but this time in West-Bengal Puja Vacation will start [Puja means Worship of Goddess Durga from 13th Oct to 17th Oct.]

Vacation will start,so very much work-pressures are going on.I will definitely post that article after Puja holiday.

After today's post, Next article I will publish on 31st Oct.

In between if you will Find time ,please read my previous Articles,those will surely enlighten you .

Any questions if come in your mind you can ask me through my email or you can ask at my facebook wall.

I will try to give the answer.

This time I thought I will present a LIVE Talking with Bina Gorova on FaceBook WAll.

This Conversation still there on Bina Gorova's Wall,you can check.

Before giving this conversation I took her permission for posting onto my Blog,as i told her from this Live talking on Astrology

Predictions ,my all Followers,Friends,students will be enlighten.She gave me permision only for you...not for me ...Remember NOT FOR ME.



And I did this Conversation on Public Front ALSO[WALL is the Correct term in FaceBook].

If you read the Conversation you will be thrilled, I know it very well.

You can understand what is Astrology.

Astrology is our everything...thinking,behaviour,life style.

Prediction is Science .It generally depends on Permutatons and Combinations of Mathematiccs.

Here it is.....

Bina Gorova Всеки човек е една малка вселена! Толкова е вълнуващо да опознаваш различните й аспекти!

Дайте път на положителните страни, които виждате около себе си и се постарайте да игнорирате онова, ...което не ви допада. Винаги гледайте на хората, които ви заобикалят откъм добрата им страна. Това ще ви спести много неприятни усещания.

By:Гледай с очите на любовта!!!

Indranil Ray Hi Bina,Sometimes You write in your native Language,with this will you please give some English translation...?

Bina Gorova Dear Indranil, here you go: Each person is a small universe! It is so exciting to know the different aspects of it! Give a way to the positive sides of what you see around you and ignore what you don't like. Always emphasize the good aspects of people. This way you limit the negative feelings! // It's not 1-to-1 know some of the content gets lost in translation. From now on I'll try to write in three main languages I speak - Bulgarian, English and French. :-) Thanks!

Indranil Ray EXCELLENT.........GREAT.....YOUR MERCURY IS SOOOOO love very much fried food na?

Bina Gorova what does it mean strong mercury? Yeah, I like some fried food.

Indranil Ray Mercury = many languages.You know 3 languages.

Mercury = fried food...

Mercury= Dual nature!!

Mercury= knowledge

Mercury= Communication

Mercury= Freindship

So only from a single thing we I can predict 100 things.

This is a Science...Called Predictive Science.

In Space, The outer layer of Mercury is very very thin so many different things come .

Bina this is live Astrology,My Astrology Students will be really helpful.

Bina Gorova Indranil, thanks for the analysis! What does dual nature imply?

Indranil Ray

dual nature?:):):).....dual name!

dual phone...

dual activity......

Dual degree....

Dual profession.....MUST....


mercury= mimicry

mercury=child nature....

Bina Gorova Indranil, dual = I'm between East and West Europe. I travel and spend half of time between two very different worlds! You are so right - I'm thinking of having two different professions - one is related to teaching, the other one - still don't know exactly..

Bina Gorova Mercury - mimicry?

Indranil Ray yea...


Bina Gorova Mimicry? How do I interpret this? if teaching is one the activities, what should the other one be? It's soo interesting..

Indranil Ray

Mercury =Travel also

Mercury=green also.

My sisters and students are obseving this live talking and learning many things...only from your different language ability sooo many predictions come,still i havent seen ur chart at all...this is science...called predictive science or you can say Astrology...

And our this conversation helps the learners a lot as,if you are not agree to say all these things ,they cant learn.You are really a great and higher soul with full of positive waves.

Mercury [true]people also sleep less,always work,so they may nerve problem and very very friendly and give respect to superior.

Bina Gorova I'm glad if people learn from this. :-) You said in the outer space Mercury is thin, what does this mean?

Bina Gorova How did you come to the idea/thought that I have strong Mercury anyway? Why there are so many things that come from the fact I speak different languages?

Indranil Ray In Universe..mercury doesnt have surrounding airsurface at all like earth ,thats why many things may come into Mercury

Bina Gorova

U mean I have an eventful life? :-)

Indranil Ray of course 100%

Bina Gorova This is very true! :-)

Indranil Ray sometimes you might be misunderstood too

Bina Gorova yes..because I follow different logic upon acting..

Bina Gorova any idea on what I should add to teaching? :-)

Indranil Ray more concentration on depth of study

Bina Gorova academic research? then I will have 3 jobs! :-) Research lacks action for me..

Indranil Ray You start writing Books...may give u money

Bina Gorova you are good, Indranil!
ina Gorova I have many projects related to writing - books, articles (on academic and practioners level), poems (I haven't tried this one yet).

Indranil Ray Start...Gives you lime light

Indranil Ray Excellent live Astrology...

Indranil Ray Can Start a Blog First...immediately .I might be your first follower...:)

Indranil Ray ohh one thing I have forgotton...mercury=internet

Indranil Ray Bina our live discussion will continue later.I will have to move now...See ya...have a nice time ahead!

Bina Gorova Indranil, btw I was also thinking of starting my own blog. :-)

Unfortunately, it won't be immediately since I'll be very busy for the next three months.

Bina Gorova What about my entrepreneurial capabilities? If I start my own consulting company?

Indranil Ray EXCELLENT...THIS I SHOULD SAY BEFORE YOUR ASK.YOU ARE BORN BUSINESSWOMAN...[And my post as Consultant in your Company is confirm for me :) ]


Bina Gorova Of course, you will have your post! :-)

Indranil Ray hahaha

Indranil Ray No free Service .:)

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This time I will start how you will compare the Gochara Chart [Transition chart] with the natal Chart for Correct prediction.
After reading this content, you once again read …..

Then again read this content, you will easily understand how prediction can be made.
Before that, I want to show you one of best mail I received last week and one best message through Face book MSG System.

I really thank God that, for such affection and Love upon me.

The below e-mail  sent by one of  my ex-engineering Student, now studying MS in USA.
Here is the Mail from the student…[For the student’s privacy as usual I am not mentioning student’s name]
Dear Sir,
You must be surprised that I am responding so late. I am really busy for last few weeks as this is my last semester and applying for jobs. But there was another truth that I was a bit astonished about your interest towards astrology. I believe in astrology but never expected that you will start writing( without not writing a blog on something related to Comp Sci) a blog on astrology. But after reading today's post I must reply and say that this is only expected from you Sir, as this kind of analysis power is very rare. I saw many good teachers in my life but very few use what they teach in practical life or believe(actually). I think this blog will give a new dimension to astrology and which also help people to return back their faith on astrology. People like me or many who believe in science they will get to know about the actual science, which is an long old Indian Science and very cogent and abused by these present days astrologers. But once again thanks a lot for writing the blog.

Best Regards,

Here was my answer:

One of the best mails I have received today which came from you.This is like certificate for me also.Yea,I am not joking.From you ,young engineers, if understands my objective ,then only I will get success.
Love you from my heart.
You were my one of the best favorite student, I always remember you.
Love you once again......
Here is the Best Mesg came from Mesg window of Face Book.
The Mesg sender live in  Western Country.
The Mesg sender has loan problem,I gave some remedy.
Here is the mesg…

U will take so much pain 4 me i never knew.mere pass aisa koi word nahi hai ki mein aap ka dhanyavad ker sakkon,god bless you aap itni oonchiyoon per jayenki aasman bhi choota lagne lage.
[English Translation:I don’t have any words to thanks you,God Bless you.You are in that high where Sky is also assumed to be small]

Now I will share a personal experience 2/3 weeks back:You will learn a real thing from this.

No no ,not my marriage…if my wife see this line she will start crying…I am saying the typical question comes to me.

One girl[For her privacy I am not disclosing her name] few months back contacted with me through Face Book.She send me her Date of Birth, time of Birth and Place of birth
Her question was when she will marry and what will be her carrier.

I checked her data and send her through e-mail and asked whether she married earlier or not.As seeing her chart ,I found that she had possibility of earlier marriage.
But with very cleverness, she avoid that question then.

Any way I was very much sure about her earlier marriage.

Suudenly 2/3 weeks before again she caught me on Face book and again asked “When my marriage occur?”

I told her “during 21-08-11 you will be married”.
She replied “All astrologers are saying this kind of thing”.
I said “I don’t know about other astrologers.I didn’t take a single paisa from you ,but you  married earlier ,first confess this”.
She said “at 2004 I married briefly”.
See readers … “ Married briefly”….
Actually this is the point ,before any prediction you will have to judge the question’s validity.
Before addicted to Astrology, I was terribly addicted to Detective story and Computer program.
But the day when I started ,going  through the path of astrology, I felt Detective story and computer program are childish game in comparison to Astrology.
Any way, from that point ,marriage prediction will get another degree.
In case of general marriage we see 7 th house.
But in case of second marriage we will have to see the 7th house,9 th house,12the house .
So if you are not cool-headed and re-searcher and if your client is hiding some fact from you ,your prediction will become wrong.
  Before reading the below mentioned content please read [Here you will find the planet’s and house’s Karakatwa[Signigicance]
Now here is the lesson “Comparison the natal Chart with the Gochara[Transition]”
at the time of writing this Blog.

Where Asc has been written ,that is House no 1 ,already you know.
I am just showing one house’s prediction system then you will easily can predict.
But before that you will have to know the enmity and friendship between planets and aspects of the planets.

Jupiter,Sun,Moon,Mars,Ketu is in One Group and Venus,Mercury,Sat ,Rahu in Other Group.

You will also have to know about  the Aspect[Dristi].

All planets have 7 th Aspect from where he is posited .
And Mars ,Jupiter,Sat have special aspects except 7th .

Mars has 4 and 8 along with 7 th Aspect where he is posited.
Jupiter has 5 and  9 th Aspect along with 7 th Aspect where he is posited.
Sat has 3and  10 th Aspect along with 7 th Aspect where he is posited.

In case of South Indian Chart you move clock-wise from  the particular planet where he is posited In other type of chart, you move anti-clock wise .
I have given you a south Indian style chart. This is more scientific as it is Clock wise.

From Native’s 12 th place i.e. Virgo [Where Sat posited Now in transition i.e.Gochara] Sat is aspecting to Native’s 2nd place .2nd place = Wealth[dhana sthana].
In native’s chart Sat is 4th lord and 5th lord.
4th house=Mind,Friend,House,Study,Other’s wife.
5th House=Intelligence,Children,Love
12 th house=Loss,expenses,Other’s wife
Prediction :
In this period [Till Sat is in Virgo] The native will expense on friends,other’s

wife,Love.Native’s mind will not be under Control[4th house and 5th house Lord Sat in 12th] Expense on House will also on Card.

This way ,slowly slowly you will also able to analyze your Natal Chart.But always keep that table in front of you .

Your Chart and Transition Chart obviously with you.
Through astrology elevate your self.
This is the actual Science.

One Friendly Request to you all.For any  kind of trouble,please start reading navagraha-stotra every day after taking the bath.If not possible before going to Bed at night.
So Today Upto this .Next time More interesting topic….”Remedy or no Remedy”

Last but not the least.
Though I had sent the below content to Group Mail.stillmany readers are there for my blog ,who are not included in my Mail-Address-List.So again I am Copying that Content.

Friends,Followers(listed and many non-listed),Sisters ,Brothers,Students,Seniors....

 One very small request to you all.
 Every day I am receiving many mails which contains mailer's date of birth,place   and time ,with or without specific question for casting the horoscope.

Some time ,somebody asks when they will able to repay their loans,when their marriage will occur etc .

I want to inform you from this week,  I have decided only official followers of my blog 
will get my free service.

To become official follower you will have to create an google account and through that account you goto the follower button in my Blog 

.After becoming, official follower of My Blog ,then only you can request with your Birth - Data ,but you will have to wait minimum  30/60 days ,as it is totally free service,my First Priority is my commitment to my own profession i.e. you know I am running a Quality  Computer Training Institute.

I am very eager to serve you but as time is 24 hours and days are 7 only so time is running from me and always there is a Competition between me and time and I always be at loosing side. :)

Please bear with me .
I know , you love me from your heart and  will  encourage .