Thursday, December 30, 2010

Transition Results [Gochara phala] of VENUS and Direct of Mercury

In my previous Article 
I wrote Edible Oil Price will rise,Bullish Tone in dry 
and fresh Fruits  and it happened .On that exact date, I think you had seen the  price of  Edible Oils stock's [e.g. KS.Oil] upsurge[If you are watcher of Indian stock Market
Mercury Became Direct Today 
In the Event of Mercury getting Back to Direct Motion ,it gives rise to castor seeds,cotton seeds,oil seeds.
The general public at the same time passes through a difficult patch due to apathy shown by the Govt.Traders also feel uncomfortable due to Political Disturbances.This is not the favourable time to start new venture
Venus will enter[Nirayana System] Scorpio on 1st January 2011 at 4.45 IST on #16 Nakshtra[star]
Plane Crash,Troubles in Education Institutes,Rail Accidents,Land Problems,Sea-Accidents,Water Related Accidents,and Ship-Accidents May Occur.
You Will Find  new degree [Either Very Positive or Very Negative] related to Brothers,Sisters,Spouses 's Relation.
Related To Govt of India , Sorrow is Waiting from Opposition for the Govt.

       Transition Results[Gochara phala] 
          of VENUS
[Transition Results should be taken from From your Moon-Sign][Moon-Sign means your Natal Moon Position at the time of your Birth]
In the North Indian style ascendant is always fixed at the top and the zodiac moves anti clock wise. In the South Indian style, Zodiac is fixed in the clock wise direction; ascendant &  planets move along the zodiac as the time changes. In Bengali style zodiac is again fixed but anti clock wise, ascendant & planets move along the zodiac like South Indian System .In western style the ascendant is fixed and placed on the left hand side whereas Zodiac moves in the anti clock wise direction

If Venus is 
At your Birth Sign after Transition : Death of enemy.
2nd House From Your Moon Sign:Wealth Gain
3rd House From Your Moon Sign: Good
4th House From Your Moon Sign:Wealth Gain
5th House From Your Moon Sign:
Child Birth(Son)
6th House From Your Moon Sign
Increase of enemy
7th House From Your Moon Sign:Sorrow
8th House From Your Moon Sign:Money Gain
9th House From Your Moon Sign: Gain of Cloth
10th House From Your Moon Sign: Bad
11th House From Your Moon Sign: Gain of Wealth
12th House From Your Moon Sign:Wealth Gain


Monday, December 20, 2010

The Best Time for Surgery

This Article I  initially  published as a Part of the my Long Article Under the name of  The Best Time for Surgery .But I thought this Article can be re-published with picture seperately .So this time For You When I wrote this article the person was still alive whose chart I discussed  here.

After operation she died at Operation Table.And that thing I published under My Article "Man and his Fate"

The Best Time for Surgery

In the last week one of My elder Brothers Came to me.He is professional Astrologer.One of his clients will have to operate on heart.


My "Elder Brother-Like"  asked me “Indranil please suggest her the best operation date.”

I am giving her chart below.[Non-Astrologer can skip this chart]
After observing her chart I advised that, if it is not so urgent please do the operation after 18 Th of Oct as Mars is giving his aspect(Dristi) to 8th (house of death) house now.

No matter what type of surgery you are having, you want to have it at the best possible time, for a successful operation and a fast recovery period.

If someone has acute appendicitis, it would clearly be reckless to consult an astrologer, because the patient could die of a burst appendix while the astrologer calculates the planetary positions, trying to work out the best hour of the best day to have the required operation. The same can be said for any emergency procedure.

From a technical point of view, there are many rules to consider when choosing the best time for surgery, though in this brief article I want to keep it simple.

The condition of the Moon is going to be essential.

In astrology the Moon represents flux and change, and successful surgery is about creating a successful change to the body.

So ideally, at the time of the surgery,
the Moon should be making a favorable aspect to a fortunate planet.

Research has shown that excessive bleeding is more likely to occur if surgery is performed within one week before or after the full moon.

You should also avoid all strong aspects to Mars, negative or positive. 

To avoid any Mars’s influence, we have noted only the Favorable Times for Surgery.

These Two Rules apply to all Surgeries.

Avoid surgery when the moon is in the same sign governing the body part in question.

[Which Body Part Governs Which sign I will also Discuss in Seperate Article thoughalready discussed in "Man and his Fate"]

More over Don’t fix the operation date :-

1. On your Vipat Tara , Pratyari Tara , Badh Tara.

From your Birth Star 3rd Star is Vipat Tara,
From your Birth Star 5th Star is Pratyari Tara,
From your Birth Star 7th tara is Badh(death) Tara

2.When Moon is posited from your Moon-Sign in Dark Half period of Moon at 2,4,5,8,9,12 houses in Your Horoscope

3.When Moon is posited from Your Moon-Sign in Bright Half Priod of Moon  at 4,6,7,8, 12 houses in Your Horoscope.  

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