Friday, December 7, 2012

The Snakes are on the Move

Rahu (North node) will transits into sidereal Libra, Ketu (South Node) will transits into sidereal Aries.
Over the next 5 weeks, the Earth is going through deep and active shifts. December 2012 has two distinguished transits:
1) The transit of the Snake planets Rahu and Ketu, and 2) The exaltation of Martial planet Mars.

Rahu is the karmic aggregator; Ketu is the distributor and their shift on December 23rd will affect a shift in you too. As per The Indian Astronomical Ephemeris, the Mean Rahu transit date is December 23rd 2012.

Rahu is material, so the progress of Rahu into Libra is important because of his friendship with Venus, the Lord of Libra. He will take care of your material wealth during that time.

Rahu is ruled by Devi Durga hence offering prayers to Goddess Durga will help keep the negative aspects of Rahu under control. 
During the transit of the planets they come into contact with the natal planets according to their changeable time schedule. It will activate the happening of events that will have an impact on an individual’s survival.

The impact of slow moving planets Jupiter, Saturn and North and South nodes(Rahu, Ketu) will be much higher for a longer duration ,therefore have acquired greater meaning in the
matter of predictions.

In predicting the planetary transit (Gochaara) results, Moon and the birth star plays an important role. Planets when they transit in different signs give varying results and that need not necessarily be common to all those who are born under the same sign.

Transit results mainly depend on the strength, status, location and relationship with other planets.North Node[Mean] (Mean Rahu) Will enter into Sidereal Libra on 23rd Dec 2012.Expecting Lot of individual and mundane happenings on the card.
This Rahu’s (North Node) smoky mask transit in Libra this time may not be smooth as Saturn is there. This may seems like building a house using oily stones that slipped out of place. With Rahu, Saturn's ability to hold a steady, reliable structure is disturbed.

Unlike the Sun whose clear burning light can be blocked by smoky Rahu, Lord Saturn does not undergo from damage to Radiance. Saturn's purpose is also upset by His enemy Rahu, but in a different way. With Saturn, Rahu's dark desires can be easily camouflaged by Saturn’s also-dark consciousness.

It is true that Saturn can find a Sattvic expression when Saturn enjoys an exalted state in Llibra.More often, Saturn indicates a Tamasic obstinate ignorance which requires a great many repetitions of Karmic experience before Saturn's potentially Sattvic calm and impartiality can visible.

Rahu's zeal is nearly always Tamasic in nature and thus Rahu can go with Saturn's psychic energy and hide behind Saturn's often comatose, karmic firmness.

Rahu can literally stick to Saturn's laws, amplifying truth to a higher degree, giving the appearance of strict austerity and orthodoxy to the social order.

Rahu's interference with Saturn results in crookedness and subtle degradation of Saturn's hard, dry properties. It is as if one had to climb wooden steps were covered in a layer of oil.

As per The Indian Astronomical Ephemeris, the Mean Rahu transit date in Libra is December 23rd 2012.
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~By Indranil Ray
Msc [IT], MCA, MA [Astrology] Jyotish Bharati [Gold Medalist] Jyotish Shastri.

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