Sunday, September 12, 2010

Know Your Bad Time, Good Time, Directions With The Help Of Astrology.

Om Gang Ganeshaya Namoha

Om Namaha Shivaya

                    Astrology helps to identify the trends and directions.Astrology is able to identify the possible diseases also before it happens and can protect against that.
                    Astrology is able to study the “mental ability” and can guide too and many more.
In USA, Astrology is also being used  to track the Criminals also.

                   This week I am giving you a table , you try to consult this table to identify your bad and good time depending on the “transit of planets” on different rashi[signs].

The below mentioned chart is the “transit table” ,it should be compared with your Natal[your birth]chart.

Click on the above Picture ,You will Find An Icon at Right  Lower Bottom Picture will be Big.Right Click Over it and "Save as" in your PC,

In Your Natal Chart[Janam Kundali/Birth chart] will find the word “Asc” or “1” ,or two diagonal lines in case if South-India Style or in Eastern India style you will find “long” word ,all those indicates your “Birth Lagna” or “Ascendent”.[What is Ascendent, we will discuss in later posts.]But this is very important to identify your main direction and strengths.Also find where moon is posited in your Natal Chart that is your own “Rashi” [sign].
Only in South India style chart , we see the houses from Asc/lagna/1 clock wise in case of other-type of charts it is anti-clockwise.

Now I am giving the Different style of charts.

Now when you match the transition, the rule is that you should take your rashi as lagna or Asc or 1. But we should also check in respect of our original lagna / Asc.
If from Moon-Rashi indicates bad and lagna/Asc indicates bad or Vice versa then you can expect in between.

For your Convenience I am giving the Current planetary positions at space at 5.30 am on 12-09-2010 at Kolkata , India.

The Time of Results given by the planets


Time Sun and Mars entering time at Rashi

Jupiter and Venus middle time

Saturn and Moon at the time of exit

Mercury all the time.


  1. Indranil, thanks for sharing , it is a good start for people like me who is interested in astrology. i have come across many such reading , but this is simple and understandable.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing Very good inf.
    Could you please let us know , which day and time is good in this week(June 11th to 14th)
    for utthara ashada nakshatra people(Men).

  3. Interesting post !! Astrology is being used from ancient days.It was an integral part of Astronomy.But there is no difference between old days and present days because people are using astrology very much now a days.They take help astrology in career,love,business,love.

    vashikaran mantra for love