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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Will Bengal wins the Ranji Trophy By Indranil Ray

Will Bengal wins the Ranji Trophy?
By Indranil Ray

Bengal will play the semis of Ranji Trophy.It is a prestigious thing. On 29th Feb Bengal to meet Karnataka in Semis. 

Final will be played at 9th March. 

The question arises in the mind Will Bengal wins the Ranji Trophy?The Date is 24th Feb 2020@16:53@Kolkata.

The Dasha is Jupiter-Jupiter. Jupiter stays in Sagittarius. So the Bhoga is Virgo. Jupiter’s Shatbala is below the required.

The sub-lord of Jupiter is Mercury. Mercury is Retrograde. The star lord Mercury is Rahu. Mercury is the 11th,7th and the 3rd house significator. Mercury is in Satabhisa star whose 

Latta is Jyestha. Mercury is the enemy of the Sun who is the lord of Leo Ascendant.

The Samudaya Astakavarga of the 7th house is mere 18. The
significator of Rahu is the 11th. The 11th house has 27 points whereas the 11th house has 29 points. 

From Cancer(Indu Lagna) the 10th house has 28 and 11th house has 27 points, means too much work but the result not be up to the mark.

Indu Lagna is Cancer, whereas the Lagna is Leo. From Indu Lagna, we determine wealth and important incidences. The lord of the Indu Lagna is the Moon, she is situated with the Sun and Mercury(R), giving aspect to Ascendant.

 In the Kota Chakra Mahadasha lord Jupiter is in the "entrance" in North West direction in Praakaara Wall,it should be at "exit".

In Sarvotabhadra Chakra Ascendant has no malefic or benefic Planetary Vedha.

The CUSP of the 11th house is Venus. Venus’s star lord is Mercury. The significators of Venus is 7,8,3,10,11. The 11th is weak significator.

If the Semi between Bengal and Karnataka will start on Friday, then the Bengal has an advantage. But the game will start on Saturday. If it draws then that team would get an advantage which is the higher in 1st innings.

Comparison to the 6th (to make somebody defeat) vs 7th house(self win),7th house is strong because of the 3 planets are there.

The Moon, the 12th lord is in Purvadapadra, the star of Jupiter,aspecting the Ascendant, clearly indicates its not the Bengal who will lift the Ranji Trophy in 2020.

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