Friday, July 27, 2012

The Saturn in Libra

Indranil Ray
                         The Saturn, the Taskmaster will re-Enter into Libra in 4th Aug 2012[according to Vedic Nirayana Indian system].
                         This Transit of Saturn definitely have a strong impact on your life.
The Saturn is a slow moving, biggest planet in the Solar system.
Libra Saturn may not get into associations/affairs simply.
Wedding may take a lot of work to be winning. This can be inclined to an inferiority complex, frightened from refusal etc .Saturn can make steady the Libran characteristics, making them more significant and stable but they may crack the rules they set themselves.
                        For success they need to take liability for their proceedings .It lies completely on them whether an association will be the source of growth or misery.

                        So time for reception, consistent, diplomatic and be planned to gain status and wealth. When all is aligned, Saturn in Libra is pleasant, cares about others, and is tireless in serving.

                        Following are the effects of Saturn’s placement in Libra [Tula]
Major workings of painting,art,skills.Art -Skills interested in love, authenticity, and children’s books.
Discovery hub on amusement and communication.Rule of life and nature shall be discovered.
Equality of people shall be re-acknowledged.
Libra Saturn can have issues with the kidneys, intestine and lower back.
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