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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Class Will Start


by Indranil Ray on Wednesday, 19 October 2011 at 21:07

                            From 18 th Oct 2011 Fresh Batch of Astrology Online Course HAS BEEN STARTED CONDUCTED by me.[Indranil Ray,World Famous International Astrologer.]
Course Fees Rs 4000/-[For Indians in India] or 90 $ for Indians outside India ,Non-Indians etc.
I am overwhelmed by your response.
Thanks a lot to you.

The date of Contact Course[ i.e. Offline Course ] Conducted by me [Indranil
Ray,World Famous International Astrologer.]has been slightly changed due to unavoidable circumstances .
                                          The Starting date is 30 th Oct Sunday 2011.
There are Limited Seats,already enrolled by many students.
If you are really interested contact me DIRECTLY through email/cell number/FBmsg .

After Completion of Course you will get Certificate from International Ranked
And your Article shall be published too.
You will be prepared in such a way that you can predict Lively.
All sort of help, regarding Astrology ,you will get.
Best Quality Books ,Study Materials you will get.
I will teach Astrology in such a scientific way ,that you should not say "My
Intuition says...."You will say "My formula says it will happen."
God Bless You..






We Indians are celebrating Autumnal Equinox

by Indranil Ray on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 at 18:48
This is the First time I was unable to upload my Article due to my serious illness.
Sorry Readers….Extremely sorry for your thirsty Wait.

The Sun entered into Libra according to Nirayana Vedic System and stays upto 16th November.
We Indians are celebrating  Autumnal Equinox.
The placement of the Sun in the Natural Zodiac  7th house i.e Libra duly well aspected shows great promise in the trade activities.

The State/Country/Company/etc acquires an authoritative position in the respective  circle and the competitors attempts are go awry.
If the Sun is able to form connections with the 5th or the 11 th house, this runs through the competition successfully and get victorious.
Over the affliction of the Sun, the contrary effects are depicted and  spoils its  relations with others and face resource crunch. Besides, the head of this acquires bad reputation.

The sun entered at Chitra which is  Spread from 23'20" Virgo[Kanya] to 6'40" Libra[Tula] Sign.
Chitra signifies practical arts, the painter,  the musician, the skilful surgeon, the imaginative writer.
The art of construction everything that constitutes an artistic complex from fine embroidery to the Tajmahal and on the other hand industrial engineering and skill and the organisation of machinery and plants - everything is caused or influenced by Chitra
So these should be the main focus for next few days .

There may be fear from those in authority, domestic quarrels, and enmity with spouse,
children, and relatives is possible. There may be problems from thieves, fire, acidity,  fever resulting in unconsciousness.
One may protect dear ones with wicked intentions.
Problems related to food may prevail.

Ambitions will be fulfilled,fame in the government circles is foreseen.
Land may be acquired and there may be progress through agriculture.
One may have to move away from one's motherland due to some state displeasure and will be separated from spouse and friends.

Now Some Technical talks for Who knows Vedic astrology:

Ascendant  Mercury in d9 chart is in his friend’s House Capricorn, 5th house from Virgo , hard labour must be given to get the desired result but as the lord of Capricorn Saturn is in Ascdent so definitely some break ,change in the work is on the card.
2nd lord Venus is exalted in Pisces in d9 chart ,definitely money related matter will get focus at certain period of time.
3rd lord and 8th lord Mars in d9 chart is exalted at Capricorn and opposing the Actual Chart’s Mar’s position at Cancer.
Definitely related to land ,critical work,brother related works,strength of mind will face some sort of challenge before getting the the good result.
In actual chart, 12 th lord the Sun is in 2nd ,with 2nd lord and 9th lord Venus and Ascdent and 10 th lord   Mercury so money may come through some long term  foreign /long distant investment or research work can be the source of income for someone .This way many predictions can be done.

Om Namaha Shivaya
The Entry Point
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