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Planet of Action AND Planet of Beauty

Mars will change his sign at Cancer[Karakata] on 9th Sept at 15.46 IST.
Mars is symbolizing as the Planet of Action .

Mars signifies : Violence, strife, war, defense, military, armed forces, ammunition, aggression, assassination, assault, agitators, soldiers, naval army, police, executors, un-natural death,  mass murders, tragedies, destruction, battle, battle field.

It also causes cuts, injuries, fever.

Amongst product it includes chemicals, fertilizers, tractors, cultivation of dry and waste land, expansion of factories,bridges, fire, accident by rail or on road and drowning.

The diseases ruled by it are fever, small pox, chicken pox, wounds, tumour, ENT, high blood pressure, bleeding, hernia, fistula, carbuncles, brain fever, deformity & abortion.

For some people journeys, gain and comforts from mother  and her relations, calm and happy life,gain from  property of the deceased are on the card.

There is a chance [for eligible ] of respect and gain of wealth  in foreign country.
Take care of your  mother if she is in her middle age.

From Mundane Astrology  point of view  Opposition to the Govt. (within the party)
land, crops, agricultural industries, agriculture, mines and minerals,public buildings, real estates, farm lands ,school ,colleges and other educational institutions,weather conditions like earth-quakes, land-slides, floods, forest fires, mine disaster, volcanic eruption and damage there form etc may get the prime focus.

Venus at [will change her  sign at] Virgo [Kanya] on 10th Sept at 12.41 IST
Venus is symbolizing as the Planet of Beauty

Venus signifies :
Stock exchange, bank, peace, art, theater, amusements, auction, art dealers, beauty parlours, bed room, casino, social club, concerts, cosmetics, modelling, court-ship, nurses, hotels jewellery, ornaments.

Amongst products it includes, textile, silk, rayon, ladies clothes, toilet articles, sexual relations, marriage, birth of children, treaties with neighbouring countries, partnership contracts and architecture.

It includes diseases like venereal,  skin, eczema, leprosy, leucoderma, eye problems,, swelling, anemia,  ovaries,  mucous,  complaints due to over indulgence in amusements, drinks and eatings.

The placement of Venus in Virgo  may not allow the planet stay in a enjoyable manifestation because this  place of debilitation of Venus with its maximum debilitation at 27 degrees.This would bring much of adverse effects upon the natives of this enclosure. Many enemies , disloyal and immoral, strained relations and loss through spouse ,loss of wealth, disrespect, sickness  through traveling can not be ruled out . Achieve through lesser rank , when not afflicted.
The presence of Venus in Virgo would increase the internal understanding of natives to a lot of extent which may lead them towards much of fluctuations and volatility in life. This  may develop their mental power and awareness towards making them scholarly but they need  internal vigor and firmness in mind .
From Mundane Astrology  point of view  forces,army,navy, air force, Red Cross, warships, war planes, military and military equipment/ hardware, hidden enemy, working class, labour union, trade union, strikes, mass agitation, workers, labour parties, state loans and debts, employment, public health, like nursing, hospitals, disease, national debts, animal husbandry, poultry etc may get the prime focus

The conjunction of Mars with Saturn in the same navamsa of Cancer inspires shares and cotton markets.
The placement of Mars and Saturn in the same navamsa of Cancer sign generates serious turns, if labour strikes or unrest etc., is in progress.

The position of Venus in the navamsas of Saturn, posts marked changes in edible and non-edible oils.

So, we are observing rapid changes of different nature planets in the different nature signs which indicates mixed results on individuals and mundane matters  .

One thing we should remember, to receive the proper fruits of Astrology ,one must keep up  ,the correct attitude in life.


Recite the Mars stotra (to be chanted a total of 10,000 times in 40 days)

     dharani-garbha-sambhutam vidyut-kanti-samaprabha
     kumaram sakti-hastamcha mangalam pranamamy aham;    

“I offer my obeisance to Shree Mangala, the god of the planet Mars, who was born from the womb of the earth goddess. His brilliant effulgence is like that of lightning, and he appears as a youth carrying a spear in his hand."

Japa moola mantra
     Om kram kreem kroum sah bhaumaya namah
Worship: Lord Kartikeya and Shiva

Recite: Kartikeya or Shiva stotra

Charity: Donate Masoor dal (red lentils) on Tuesday
Fasting: Tuesday
Pooja: Kartikeya pooja or Rudrabhishekha on Tuesday

Rudraksha: 3 mukhi

Gem Stone Details:

The main gem for Mars is Red coral[at least three carats], set in silver
  ,or a combination of gold and copper and worn on the index or ring finger of the right hand.
 Venus [Shukra]
For Shukra or Venus related problems
1. Worship Devi Maa.
2. Recite Shree Sooktam or Devi stuti or Durga chalisa.
3. Japa of Shukra beeja mantra: 
Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah, 
                                                                      20000 times in 40 days
4. Recite the Shukra stotra: 
Hima kunda mrinalaabham daityanam paramam gurum
Sarv shastra pravaktaram bhargavem pranamamyaham
 Meaning : I bow down to Shukra who is as white and fair as snow and who is the teacher of daithyas who are the enemies of Gods and who is knowledged of all scriptures.
 5. Donate clothes or dairy cream or curd to a lady on Friday. 
Donate clarified butter (ghee), perfume, sandal, sugar, rice and cooking oil, horse (preferably white coloured). Offering fine quality food articles to crows or beggars like sweet rice made in milk, burfy, rasagulla, etc.
6. Fasting: On Fridays.
7. Pooja: Devi pooja.
Service to Brahmins (or poor people) with rice and ghee (clarified butter). Also give Cows the part of own meal.

  8. Rudraksha: Wear a 6 or 9 Mukhi Rudraksha.

  9. Wear Gemstone related to Venus i.e. Diamond or White Sapphire.

 10. Avoid -Perfumes, perfumed oils, ghee etc. Never be too choosy in your dress up.

 11. Recite 36th chapter of Sundara kanda from Valmiki Ramayana. 

Om Namaha Shivaya

Article Written by Indranil Ray
Msc[IT],MCA,Jyotish Bharati[Gold Medalist]
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  1. On 14 th Sept 2011 Mars will change his Star to Pusya[Delta Cancri]
    Attributes : Spread from 3'20" to 16'40" Cancer [Karkata].
    The word Pushya means to nourish and that again means to preserve, to protect, refill, multiply and strengthen

    As its Dasha Lord is Saturn ,Mars is Now in Cancer ,So Mars and Strong Saturn Connection will Occur.
    So Before and after [ 4 to 7 days ] Heavy Land Slide,Water[Sea/River etc] Related Quake/earth quake/Blast/Terrorism/electricity problem/Rail Accidents/Death of Country head/Remarkable Persons/Famous Actors/Writers May Happen.