Monday, August 29, 2011

The next Four months is definitely an interesting period for you,Why?


In May Jupiter moved direct into Aries, for some it was a time to make a big move.
For others it was a time to put down  and strengthen your specific planets.
Take advantage of the coming Four month time and strengthen the favorable energies which are  coming. 

When Jupiter is transiting retrograde, it is a good time to restore any project or relationship that is failing.
The potential unfavorable are the mere ripples and travel the wave of positive development.
A retrograde phase is best seen as a rotation, which begins when the planet begins to slow to a halt before wandering backwards through the zodiac and ends when the planet returns to the point where it first paused.
Retrograde motion pulls back and gives  a chance to nurse your past . The past that needs to be set on is directly related to the planet involved.
This  moment of Retro is a time for re-evaluating the  current situation and stop any growth policy.
It is very wise to stop starting any new project or deal and instead one should  focus on  existing businesses.
During the retrograde cycle, make the effort to revive that which is failing as ruled by the house-position of the transiting retrograde. Make the effort to go back and make the connection.
Jupiter retrograde has to do with great quantity.

During this phase, the planet's energy is most powerful and more likely to generate critical events of Mundane Matters when the planet makes a station, appearing motionless in the sky. The Jupiter retro period is important and it has strong influences on our lives .
These stationary periods occur at the beginning of the cycle  and in the middle through the cycle when the retrograde planet slows to a stop before moving forward again.

A business which starts while Jupiter is retrograde in Aries will find success if connected with unselfish, charitable concerns and greater causes.
It is excellent for initiating a charitable or fund-raising project.

Jupiter retrograde is excellent for interrupting your existing partnerships, personal or business.
Now it’s the moment for trying to re-negotiate with your partners.
All the legal activities regarding separation are boosted and will be solved more quickly.
Jupiter represents the principles of expansion, betting, speculation, teaching, fortune, opportunities, optimism, plenty, travel, higher education, education, religion and philosophy etc.

You are likely to see its influence role in your life around you.
Jupiter retrograde influences us internally to look within to seek new meanings. You may find you can best use these opportunities to reevaluate your life and attain fresh levels of consciousness and thoughtfulness.
This is  a period where all the expanding forces from our life is taking a break and all the energy flow is reversed.
In this period of time the direction should be from outside to inside .
We should pay more attention to all our current involvements and expanding plans and to put in balance each element that are using our energy.
If Jupiter is retrograde in one’s  natal chart, native should have a very rich internal life. In that case one  actually make one’s own luck.
This helps to find out truth and build up a broader viewpoint of life .
At the same time, one  may feel cautious about involving  in others affairs .
Speculations may not bring  all good fortune .
You must remain open and honest with your Self in order to expand your spirituality and allow your inner voice to guide you.
We should expand on inside and to become more closer with our  soul. Depending on the transits that Jupiter is making on  natal chart one should pay attention to that particular aspects of  life.
Jupiter is retrograde for 120 days and is stationary about 5 days before and 5 days after retrogradation.
Jupiter will be in retrograde motion in the sign of Aries, then  look at the Aries slogan, “I am the leader”.
This is a wonderful time to improve self so that one can be prepared to handle bigger, better and more when Jupiter returns to its normal state.

It is predicted to be a favorable time for the Moon Signs: Scorpio, Aquarius, Cancer, Virgo and Taurus.

It is predicted to be an unfavorable time for the Moon Signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces.

All of the 17 Thursdays in Jupiter Retro in Aries  you chant at Jupiter Hora[Within 2 hours from The sun rises]

Devaanaanca rishinaanca gurum kaancana sannibham
Buddhi bhutam trilokesham tam namaami brihaaspatim
Om gurave namah


I bow down to Jupiter, teacher of gods and sages, the greatest treasure, and the most intelligent of all creation. Om, I bow down to Jupiter .


Jupiter rules role playing in order stir up a positive external reaction.
When Jupiter is retrograde, one should evaluate how he/she is  not being honest with "Self"  because inner-self is playing a role that is disloyal to one's  true Self.

When opportunities arise while Jupiter is retrograde, they are the result of seeds planted in the past from people met or connections made in the past.
Jupiter retrograde is more spiritual and philosophical so it is a time to explore philosophies, possibly something simpler from a time in your past.
This period may produce an event that reminds you of a time when you had a better perspective on life. 

Everything is always for your higher purpose.

Article Written and Compiled By Indranil Ray Msc[IT],MCA,Jyotish Bharati[Gold Medalist] 

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