Saturday, July 16, 2011

Karkataka Sankranti

Today 16th july 2011  at 3.21 AM[morning]IST The Sun Will Enter At Cancer [Karakatam] Sign.

So we will celebrate it tomorrow.

In Nirayana or Vedic System,We  call it as Dakshinayanam or Pitrayana .

It  also referred as Karka Sankraman or Karkataka Sankranti. On this day, Sun enters into Karkataka (Karka) rashi (Cancer).
At the northern solstice the subsolar point reaches to 23.44° north, known as the Tropic of Cancer.
A solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice each year when the Sun's apparent position in the sky, as viewed from Earth, reaches its northern most or southern most extremes.
Karka Sankranthi or Karkataka Sankranti indicates ending of the Uttarayan Punya kaal and the beginning of Dakshinayana punya kaal.
In Hinduism, it is believed that Gods go for sleep during the period of Dakshinayan.
During the Karka Sankranthi, performing Pitru tharpan or
the rituals to pay our respect to Pithru Devatas is considered as highly meritorious deed.

You will get clear indication of how next quarter will go in your life.

During this period, the prices of milk and milk products, silver, glassware, marine products, local edible oils, go bearish. The stock shares of petroleum products are depressed.
As entry time falls on Saturday, it results in failure of rains but gusty and strong winds play havoc in some places but the northern parts face destruction due to heavy cyclones and tornadoes.

Besides, certain diseases may spread in the shape of epidemics and food products also get plummeted.

Essential commodities like wheat, rice, edible oils, sugar, juiced items go bullish.

There is going to be a very favorable rainy season through out the country.
From Indian Government point of view many problems will arise inside the party or the ruler.
The Sun in 3rd  house benefits all the heads of departments.
The Sun stands for authority, the CEO of the company makes a good progress and earns name and fame for himself as well as for the organization. The companies also improve their position in the matters connected with this house.
Should the Sun get afflicted, it causes illness or even death among the important personalities .

During the Karka Sankranthi, performing Pitru tharpan or
the rituals to pay our respect to Pithru Devatas is considered as highly meritorious deed.
Performing food charity and donating clothes is also highly meritorious.
Worshiping Lord Vishnu, chanting Vishnu Sahasra nama stotram [You Will Get That From My Page [] and []
and worshipping Lord Varaha Swamy (the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu) is preferable ritual on the day of Karka Sankranti.

Om Tatsat
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  1. Your predictions are very informative and beneficial for us. thank you so much..for the Stotrams.

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