Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mercury transiting

Mercury would be transiting through Cancer from July 07 to July 23, 2010. The Mercury would be joined by Sun on July 17 in sign Cancer. This time around, Mercury would not get combust by the Sun throughout the transit period of Mercury in Cancer. Mercury would receive the fifth aspect of Jupiter (Direct) during the transit in Cancer. The Mercury would remain in between Ketu, Mars and Venus during his transit in Cancer. During this transit, Mercury would be in the following Nakshtras.

Nakshtras Ruling Planet Period
Punarvasu Jupiter July 07
Pushya Saturn July 08 – 15
Ashlesha Mercury July 16 - 23

Mercury is the prime natural indicative of trading and business as well as known by his intelligent and mathematical skills. Many important and weighty sectors in the stock and commodity markets are likely to be impacted by the transit of Mercury through sign Cancer.
Mercury easily gets influenced by his friends and associates. He is also a bit fickle minded.

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