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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Migrant People

Migrant People


We require social distancing nowadays of COVID -19. But what should we do with these lacks and lacks of Migrant People in the 6th days of LockDown in India ? 🏃‍♂️ They are the house workers, construction workers, shop workers, thelawalla. In Bihar and UP they are the most.
They come up in huge gatherings. 🧐 They may not go to their house! They will be “quarantine” in the local school! Alas! For them Arsenic Water, Bad Food, Worst Staying are nothing, they are “make in the fear of CORONA”!🕶

When I see this Migrant People, I find that this is not the election time! This is “CORONA time”. If this is the Election time the “Players” will spend “exaggerating money” for these people. If any people have the “CORONA”, getting in touch with “CORONA people”, then the “mass epidemic” may occur to which we don’t say, “Stage 3” but ”WE” have to face it!😟

The Chart(30/03/2020@18:16@Kolkata) says till 09-06-2021, we will have to face it ,day by day, day by day, day by day. 😷😷😷

Day by Day we become “terminated”. Virgo is rising at 22 degrees 39 minutes. Rahu is aspecting in the Nirayana Bhava Chalit Chart from the 9th house. Rahu is sitting with the Moon. But it is better maintaining “Social Distancing!!” Rahu is 8 degree and the Moon is 23 degrees! 🤭

But in the 9th house ,they are two in “Neutral”, according to Compound Relationship. Here(in the Nirayana Bhava Chalit Chart, do not any “Bhava Chalit”, it is Nirayana Bhava Chalit, many Astrologers did not understand this!) two become exalted!🤫🤫 Ohh what will be the scene!!!!! Until “Hard Immunity” will not grow! Possibly “Hard Immunity” will grow slowly, which takes a minimum of 12 to 18 months.💪

I will not tell the TRUTH. If I tell the TRUTH, some people will “Cut” me. You please understand the “TRUTH”, in Jan 2021! See your pockets! Just see that, only then you will understand what “CORONA PANDEMIC” was!🥵

But possibly if you are studying regarding Health, studying Medical, etc., you will be on your track. See, the Doctors, Health Workers, Technicians, Ventilator Manufactures, and Mask manufactures will be on EDGE. “Junk Engineers” (best Engineers will stay of course) will fail.🤫😷👽🕵️‍♀️👩‍🎤👨‍🔬👩‍🔬👩‍🚀

Like all the subjects in this WORLD, THE BEST PEOPLE WILL SURVIVE.☘️👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

 ~Indranil Ray MSc (IT), MCA, MA [Astrology from Hyderabad, PST University, NAAC accredited] Gold Medal in MA Astrology. Conducts SKYPE CLASSES OF Astrology. International Professional Astrologer. WhatsApp: 91-9433031757

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Will Bengal wins the Ranji Trophy By Indranil Ray

Will Bengal wins the Ranji Trophy?
By Indranil Ray

Bengal will play the semis of Ranji Trophy.It is a prestigious thing. On 29th Feb Bengal to meet Karnataka in Semis. 

Final will be played at 9th March. 

The question arises in the mind Will Bengal wins the Ranji Trophy?The Date is 24th Feb 2020@16:53@Kolkata.

The Dasha is Jupiter-Jupiter. Jupiter stays in Sagittarius. So the Bhoga is Virgo. Jupiter’s Shatbala is below the required.

The sub-lord of Jupiter is Mercury. Mercury is Retrograde. The star lord Mercury is Rahu. Mercury is the 11th,7th and the 3rd house significator. Mercury is in Satabhisa star whose 

Latta is Jyestha. Mercury is the enemy of the Sun who is the lord of Leo Ascendant.

The Samudaya Astakavarga of the 7th house is mere 18. The
significator of Rahu is the 11th. The 11th house has 27 points whereas the 11th house has 29 points. 

From Cancer(Indu Lagna) the 10th house has 28 and 11th house has 27 points, means too much work but the result not be up to the mark.

Indu Lagna is Cancer, whereas the Lagna is Leo. From Indu Lagna, we determine wealth and important incidences. The lord of the Indu Lagna is the Moon, she is situated with the Sun and Mercury(R), giving aspect to Ascendant.

 In the Kota Chakra Mahadasha lord Jupiter is in the "entrance" in North West direction in Praakaara Wall,it should be at "exit".

In Sarvotabhadra Chakra Ascendant has no malefic or benefic Planetary Vedha.

The CUSP of the 11th house is Venus. Venus’s star lord is Mercury. The significators of Venus is 7,8,3,10,11. The 11th is weak significator.

If the Semi between Bengal and Karnataka will start on Friday, then the Bengal has an advantage. But the game will start on Saturday. If it draws then that team would get an advantage which is the higher in 1st innings.

Comparison to the 6th (to make somebody defeat) vs 7th house(self win),7th house is strong because of the 3 planets are there.

The Moon, the 12th lord is in Purvadapadra, the star of Jupiter,aspecting the Ascendant, clearly indicates its not the Bengal who will lift the Ranji Trophy in 2020.

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Astrologer and the Daivagya

The Astrologer and the Daivagya
By Indranil Ray
The Astrologer who is desirous to predict anything, he can predict. Not a single thing is able to dominate his or her will (Saturn). After 10/15 years of practice when his or her prediction mostly matches then he or she has some confidence. Seeing that, anyone those the astrologer is unknown, he or she may think, it is the proud. But desirous (to predict anything) Astrologer should always be confident not proud.
Astrology is such a thing, proud comes easily because of Jupiter. Some people say an astrologer must tell in “yes” or “no” mode. No “if” or “otherwise” or “else”. This kind of thing, is not written in any classics of Astrology.Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky speaks to you. Yes, it is a Language. No person can restrain the grammaticism. It is also the sign of Jupiter.
Some people are restraining using the word “may”. They are fascinating of the word “will”. In PST University, Hyderabad, the oldest university in India, in their MA, Astrology, teaches always, write “may”.”Will” can only be written by God. Predictors or Astrologers can only use the word “may”. Only The Brahma, who is the creator of the universe, can use the word “will”.
There is the gap between, “Prediction” and “Conclusion” .Prediction is the “indication” of the incidents. It happens before the incidents by the Astrologers. Conclusion is, after the incidents. For any prediction of any incidents, there is the possibility. Possibility of how much? Above 50% possibility is that, the incidents may happen. Less than 50% means, it does not happen. The Astrologer should higher heart to confess, if it does not happen, otherwise how the Astrologer should learn? The learning process should continue through mistakes. It is the property of Saturn. Common people folds the “Daivagya” with the Astrologer, which is Jupiter’s possessions. Astrology is the combination of Science and Arts. One Astrologer before their prediction, studies vividly the charts in many more angles, in more techniques. It is the possessions of Saturn.

But “Daivagya”s are such kind of persons, he or she knows “Daivee Aagaya” or “Divine Will” or Commandment. There are 800 crore human beings in the world. Within that, there is below ten people are “Daivagya”s. Moreover Daivagyas will not do any mistake but Astrologers do. Acceptance of Mistakes makes one, real human being. The prediction becomes wrong for many reasons. How the Saturn plays, it depends on that and that only. Mars will make some arguments, but Saturn always purifies the inner soul. So Astrologers should always pray to Saturn, so that HE does not make any mistakes by us. Saturn is the real giver to the human. If HE wants “I will make this human perfect, HE will do mistakes by that human, so that the human learns in real-perfect way and rapidly.  

Because truth are hiding in the mistakes. This has been taught by the Astrology to us. If Astrologer accepts his/her mistakes, real people will never think as a fool. Real people will think, more focused and accurate. Because from mistakes, the things can be learned, which never be taught by any teacher in the world.

It is not that an Astrologer should practice from of 10 to 5 office hours. Otherwise how he or she will be perfect? An Astrologer should practice all the time. 

An astrologer should practice natal chart as well as horary. Basically for the horary, the time, 
date and place are accurate. He should practice also Amsha charts 
(especially D9, D10, D30 for horary),Shatbala, Vimsopaka, pada chart, Planetary friendship, and of course Dasha, Antardasha and Pratyantar Dasha etc.In every time chart has been in the brain. Today’s there are so many Jyotish Apps are there, one should use it in mobile.
Just few days back (20.08.19) this writer write in Facebook and WhatsApp about 
Whether Mr. Chidambaram will go to jail? The question time is 14:32@20.08.19@Kolkata.I write
“Rising ascendant is the Sagittarius. It is a Pristhodaya Sign, The ascendant is 7.37 degree, which means
in Sthir part, it falls. Dasha is going for Mercury-Rahu. According to compound relationship both are 
enemy of Lagna lord. Mercury is the 7th lord & 10th lord, posited in the 8th, Rahu is in 7th .

Afterwards, Dasha will be Mercury-Jupiter. Jupiter (the 1st and the 4th lord) situated in 12th sign, 
Scorpio, natural zodiac 8th house. In Krishnamurti Chart (Nirayana Bhava Chalit), planets are shifted to the 8th house. In Mercury & Jupiter, there is Ithasala yoga. I should say, he may be asked for serious 
questions, going into jail may be delayed only because of Asc falling in the Sthir part. 
But tremendous mental pressure is really on till 8-1-2022.From the 03-10-2019 to 08-01-2022, 
chance is there that he may go into jail.”
Chidambaram was arrested at 21st August 2019 after such a long long drama

The prediction is perfect. But from a WhatsApp group, a gentleman makes some argument that, 
why writer writes “may or may not arrest”. The writer understands it is Mars, who made some illogical arguments, 
because writer did not write “may not”. It is the war between Mars and Saturn. Astrology is the 
science and arts which requires practice and practice.
While doing practice for a long term in everything, a sixth sense has been developed. 
But if one tell the sixth sense is intuition he may make a great mistake. Here sixth sense means 
“special intelligence” , seeing the charts.  Because in Astrology, planets have immense role, 
then the stars. Like in maximum internet sites if you give the DOB, TOB, POB, it will predict. 

As for example, if you want to know what one should study? It will say he may study Engineering, 
Medical or any technical lines. But there is hell and haven difference between Medical and Engineering.
This requires practice. This brought by, Saturn and Saturn only. If Mars is being posited in a bad house 
or sign or become the bitter enemy planet, he cannot hold prediction in broad spectrum like Facebook, 
WhatsApp etc.  

Mars helps to bring that prediction in market. Like Mecury helps to bring the correct 
thing in correct place. In the writing of Sunil John, Editor of Saptarshi Astrology, it is found that a 
gentleman wanted to publish his book of Astrology, where his mistakes and prediction does not match 
with the conclusion. He writes, as he wants that other person would not make such mistakes. It is also 
the working of Saturn. Saturn wants to teach but nobody have time to listen.
The prediction given by this writer, “Who is the owner of Today’s Durand Cup 
Mohunbagan Vs Gokulam Kerala” was written in the Facebook wall. Basically Game Prediction is 
not so easy. After huge study, it has been seen sometimes, game-prediction fails. In that case 
Astrologer need to more study and practice. Other predictions are easy comparing game prediction. 

In the semis, this writer predicted, “East Bengal lose, Mohunbagan wins”, that happen accurately. Anyways the prediction was “Play start at 5 PM. Now it is 3:45 PM.My prediction is Mohunbagan may win this game.How?23/08/2019@18:41@Kolkata .It is Kumbha (Aquarius) Lagna, the Sun, 
Rahu and Saturn(R) are seeing it. The Sun’s Mahadasa and Mercury’s Antar Dasha are going on. In play ground there may be terrible/ very bad/ appalling things happen. The Sun and Mercury both have “childhood” state. The Sun is in his own house, Leo and Mercury is in Cancer, the 6th house. In compound relationship the Sun is enemy but Mercury is neutral and friend in natural relationship.” Everybody knows Gokulam Kerala wins the match by 2-1. It is told at half time of the match, there 
was the mistake. The Sun enemy of Lagna and Mercury was neutral. But I got that Mercury was the natural benefic. The Sun and Mercury both have childhood state, it is analyzed but didn’t take those. It is thought as the rising sign is Aquarius, Saturn, Rahu when aspected, then if Sun aspects then it doesn’t matter. But it matters. Conclusion shows that.
Now about the correct prediction, which was published in May 2019 in Express Star Teller, The Astrological eMagazine, Astrological eMagazine. This writer writes in  the article,  If we see Narendra Modiji’s chart, we will find that, from 27-02-2019, he will start Ketu Antardasha, under the Moon Maha Dasha. The Moon is his 9th lord. Ketu has been posited in the 11th, its best position. The Moon is posited as Neecha Vanga Raj jog in Scorpio as Mars is also posited in Scorpio. This depicts his Prime Ministership will once again get elected. In India’s Independence chart, from 10-08-2018, Moon/ Jupiter, Dasha Antara is going on till 10-12-2019.Both are posited in square. This position is good for reelect. Moreover Rahu is in the Ascendant, is aspecting Jupiter and the 10th house, whose lord is Saturn. Moon/ Saturn Dasha Antara will start from 10-12-2019.Saturn is the Raj Yogkari planet of Taurus. Will BJP win the Loksavha election in 2019? This Prashna came into my mind, in the Date of 4/9/2018, Time 11:00, Kolkata. The Rising sign is Scorpio, Seersodaya, Fixed sign aspected by Rahu. In 10th there are the Sun and Mercury. It is declared that BJP will win the coming Loksavha Election. In 10th house Mercury, depicts that BJP’s win will be more at alliance.”
This analysis writer does on  4/9/2018.That time, in maximum peoples mind was, BJP may lose. But just after Pulwama incidents, India’s mind has been change. But at that time before Pulwama incidents, the writer writes BJP wins. Here also a reader said to the writer, “In 10th house Mercury, depicts that BJP’s win will be more at alliance.”  But he does not see that the writer writes “The Moon is posited as Neecha Vanga Raj jog in Scorpio as Mars is also posited in Scorpio. This depicts his Prime Ministership will once again get elected.”The writer also writes “In India’s Independence chart, from 10-08-2018, Moon/ Jupiter, Dasha Antara is going on till 10-12-2019.Both are posited in square. This position is good for re-elect. Moreover Rahu is in the Ascendant, is aspecting Jupiter and the 10th house, whose lord is Saturn. Moon/ Saturn Dasha Antara will start from 10-12-2019.Saturn is the Raj Yogkari planet of Taurus.”
Actually this is Mars, whose nature is to argue. Astrologers are not “Daivagya”. They read the chart on the incidents and calculate. Basically Astrology comes from 8th house. It is the nature of the 8th house. Agreement and disagreement. Daiveevani is from the 9th house.  The 8th house is the 12th of the 9th house. So it happens. People think Daivagya and Astrologer are the same. Generally people fold the term “Daivagya” and the Astrologer. Astrology is the combination of Science and Arts. One Astrologer before their prediction, studies intensely the charts.
This Astrologer predicts at recent Chandrayaan-2 module, that “once it soft-lands on the Moon, India will join an elite list of countries ever to soft-land on the surface of the Moon with homegrown technology. Chandrayaan 2 is also the first Indian mission to explore the mysterious terrain of Moon with indigenous space-technology. Let’s do the forecast. It has been drawn the chart on 18th July 2019@19:47 at Kolkata. The Moon and Venus are the Dasha and the Antara. Venus is in the 6th .But according to the retrogression of other planets some issues may not work in proper manner.”  

Everybody knows, what happened to Chandrayaan 2.  
In most classics there is the difference between the “Daivagya” and the “Astrologer”. “Daivagya”s are God Gifted and Astrologers are the study, study and study. Practice, practice and practice. One must not know how much dedication and study is required to give a prediction of incidents. It is also the property of Saturn. 

Critics for the sake of the critics, may criticize, the desirous astrologer may smile at that. 

Because critics (Mars) are not aware of the patience (Saturn) of the Astrologer, who study Astrology, which is a Language. 

If one understands this language, the Sky speaks to him/her.

Small Biography of INDRANIL RAY:

Indranil Ray MSc (IT), MCA, MA [Astrology from Hyderabad, PST University, NAAC accredited]

Gold Medal in MA Astrology.
Jyotish Bharati [Gold Medal], Jyotish Shastri.
International Astrologer.

WhatsApp: 91-9433031757

Conducts Online and Classroom Astrology Classes also.

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Nostradamus Award Winner (2014).
HoraBhusan Award given by Valchandra Jotirvidhyalaya, Jyotish Adivesan Pune (2016).
Jyotish Gouravchinha from Kolhapur (2018).
Jyotish Padma Bivhusan by Souvagyer Vedbani (2019)

He is Msc in Information & Technology, MCA (Master in Computer Application), MA [Astrology] (Gold Medal) from PST University,Hyderabad, NACC Accredited].He got First Class in all the three Master Degrees.

He also endowed, Jyotish Bharati [Gold Medal], Jyotish Shastri from Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith.
He was awarded EST NOSTRADAMUS AWARD in the year 2014.

He is Regular contributor of The Express Star Teller, Modern Astrology,The Astrological eMagazine, American Federation of Astrologer, BhagyaBarta, Soubhagyer Vedabani and 
many other Astrology magazines in India. 

At present he is practicing Astrological Guidance and Consultancy for many years.
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